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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

ha! Serge THIS!

i love to talk smack to... everything, really... but, especially my sewing projects!!! :P  so, yesterday when i was deciding what to sew that i could use my new serger on and not be completely stressed out about it, i thought stuffed pillow... duh!  so, i whooped up a little patchwork pillow pattern ( The Orb ) and threw this puppy together! easy peasy!

i have always steered away from rounded projects, mostly because i have two rowdy boys that i was just sure would split the seams out with their shenanigans... leaving me seething for strength not to murder them, but with my serger... the party was on!  jump away boys... nothings gonna split this baby open! LOL

i am kinda still freaking out over this whole thing!!! EEEeek!
Xo, Heather

Thanks for all the tips ( keep em a comin! ) and my serger did come threaded, so i guess i'll find out how hard the threading is on the next project!  ;)