about Me

Hey there kids! My name is Heather ( .House. of A La Mode ) and I live in beautiful Portland, Oregon! I am a mother of two beautiful boys, an adoring wife and autism activist. Sewing was an easy choice for relaxation while raising a child with autism, although... what started out as a hobby, has turned into a manic compulsion that has an appetite of its own. I just can’t help myself ;)

About a year ago I discovered Flickr & blogland... and ever since... I’ve been a very busy girl setting up little inspirational community with new, fabulous friends who are always inspiring me to push my creative skills and abilities into new areas!!! It's NEVER a dull moment being part of their lives :)

This is me… keeping it real... in all my glory!

Fun facts:

I HATE cougars… not like anyone would love them, but I just moved home from 4 years in Central Oregon and I was completely convinced that I would get attacked sooner or later.

I’m a candy addict… only the sweet and sour ones.

I’ve been married to my husband for 11 years and with him almost longer than with my parents… He’s my BFF!

I call him my { boy toy }!

There is no place more magical to me then the beach.

This is the second home I’ve owned.

I read every night without fail.

I'm a Sci-Fi junkie!

I have two sons and my youngest has autism.

I’m a HUGE activist and pro-Charity individual.

I believe a person either grows bitter or understanding… being a Mama with a child with special needs… I choose understanding.

I ALWAYS give someone the benefit of the doubt first... until they prove me wrong.

I live by the golden rule.

I’m a generation X and proud of my Alternative roots.

I’m a hippy at heart and have a serious crush on VW’s even though my husband has always worked for Mercedes.

I have a long haired Chihuahua… named Georgia.

I’m a smart mouth who suffers from extreme sarcasm disease.

I truly adore my virtual friends.

I LOVE my family!!! 

I have 3 tattoo's and ones on my toe.

This is my hobby not my job.

Take me or leave me… I will always keep it real with all my friends and I hope my sharing shows you a little more about me!

X, Heather