Thursday, May 14, 2015

Why Citizens of Textile you ask??...

Okay, Okay... let's talk Citizens of Textile. I've been asked lots of good questions surrounding the concept, theory and business model.  It's really not as salacious as I'm sure people might think.  It happened like this...

"Michele, let's open a pop-up once a month with collaborative products in it." said me. 

Honestly, having a child with autism doesn't allow for the traditional commitments of... well, just about everything actually!  I've learned that lesson through a LOT of trial and error over the years.  So, when COT was being created it was REALLY important to give ourselves plenty of time to create quality products for our clients.  Plus, Michele has this "whole-sucssesful-yarn-company-thingy."  Republic of Wool.


Now, if you know my crafting history then you were, no doubt, NOT shocked that COT came with contributors!  I mean... I even wrote a book full of collaborative projects.  Crafting with people... is just my thing.  It always has been.  I have always said, "That a person liking someone else's creations, doesn't lesson their liking of mine."  There is room for all of us!


Now, Why in the world is it only open for the first weekend of every month???...  because, it's simply less stressful that way.  We can take our time creating, listing and then hand-wrapping those items for shipment without the panic of time pushing down on us to produce.

Listen... I want to wake up and make beautiful things and I "personally" feel that after all this time in the crafting/ sewing/ yarn industry that putting a deadline on your creativity is a sure way to kill it.  Yes, I still have a deadline, but it's more roomy and giving incase kids get sick, or pets, or me! Hahaha


Let's chatty chat about my dyeing of all the yarn, shall we..?  I'm sure that all my quilting community supporters are probably wondering if I jumped ship???... No, I haven't.  I just bought my Bernina 750B for peats sake! LOL  However, when I invest in a new trade, I usually jump in head first and don't come up for air.  I tend to suffocate myself in it before my interest dies down.  This is exactly how I learned to sew 7 years ago.  It's just my nature.

Why I dye??... Because I'm lost to the Color's.  It's why I started quilting too.  Bringing colorful, interesting, beauty in the form of functional art... well, I'm just too weak not to play.  And, it goes back to what I mentioned earlier... It's okay to not to like my yarn, or love my yarn, or myself liking everyone's yarn and buying their's.  There's room for all of us.  We are different artists, and we see the world in different filters AND... that's how it should be.

XX, Heather


  1. I love the last sentence in this post! xoxo

  2. I'm so in love w/ the fact that you dove head first into knitting and now dyeing!! You go!

  3. I'm a fan of colour too - that rainbow yarn is stunning!!


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