Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Update. On me. That's legit.

My lord, it's been a long time since I wrote here.  Why?  Because, like most I found Instagram and FaceBook and someone killed Flickr and who the hell has time for Twitter?  Mostly, I quit writing here because, I got lost in the game.  The game of the crafting community and what the rules were.  I'm pretty sure I would have lost regardless. I'm not really great at listening to authority or even the norm truth be told.

Fact: I grew up... just under the scope of middle class.  This meant, I was taught to be happy with what was given, grateful for any opportunity, and be respectful of others above you. You stay quiet and keep hidden.

Honestly, what in the world does someone like myself do after you have achieved standardize success in this crafting community so quickly after beginning? You've been interviewed in local papers, radio programs, own a successful blog, have sponsors, written about in magazines, contributed to multiple quilting books and even had your own compilation book written and currently still being reprinted by your publishing company for the 6 -7 time???...

Fact: I learned then and still make every choice I choose to (in my control) made on an ethical and moral scale.  I believe the right decision is typically the hardest road to travel.  My feet are callused!  This gave my family a grueling young life.

Well... if you're me, you leave it.  Yes, I still have relationships with certain fabric houses and many "true" friendships (not industry niceties, I let those go), however... I just couldn't find it in me to jump through the hoops.  Do you know these hoops?  Hoops so damn big you lips better be the size of Texas to kiss the ass of the person hoping through them first...  that one you're following??.... Nah...

Fact: I owned my first home, was married and 23 when my second son was diagnosed with autism.  I left nursing school to fight that monster, proudly. It was the scariest thing I've ever done.  The rest of this shit (life) is chopped liver to that.  I'm human so eventually, I taught myself how to sew as a stress outlet as to not loose my mind.  I needed something and I had a certain "dream killer" who said, "You can't make one of those."

So, after a whirl wind affair with quilting.  I took a long break.  I liked it.  I learned how to feed my body and how to exercise out all my additional anxiety that my particular lifestyle brought to the table.  It was brilliant. Then... I got bored.

Fact: You know where you place in my life if I've said, "I'll go to war for you." and I was by your side in your fight, because I never leave. I'm a stalwart solider to those I love.  In the moment, the current, in the future, I remain quietly in their arsenal, always.  It's my thing.

That was when... knitting came up. Once, easily shot down as a ridiculous notion, twice as a frustration of impotent nature and finally as a challenge of ability. I was not one to back down to battles of health difficulties and/ or moral principles, let alone and especially to "string." So, again I taught myself. Yet, this outlet felt different from my first. It was a "want" and not a "need."  That was new.

Fact: What I create comes from my spirit, my soul. I don't "make" for money, I "make" for creation.  For the art of beauty.  I decided a long ago past moment, that I'm only truly interested in fostering the idea of making the world more beautiful, by relationship and/ or Art. I mean... isn't it truly ugly enough on it's own?

Then came the dyeing of fiber. What happens when you mix a quilter with blank fiber... you get an Indie-dyer.  It's only a matter of time if you look around.  I'm certainly no pioneer in this ideology. Although, I do hope (narcissistically) that mine... do actually bring something else beautiful to the table.  Could be wishful thinking though.

Fact: I wrote this as an introduction to who I am today (if you're familiar with me), or who you might  just be meeting to explain what and who I am.  Whatever I "make",  I made it that moment while I was feeling.  And not only did I not take advantage of that time, I revealed in it.  Did I mention... I'm a bit saucy?

XX, Heather


  1. Love those skeins! Can't wait to see more of your creativity flowing into/onto/around yarn.

  2. Heather, beautifully written! Don't leave us hanging. Your next post better enlighten us on Indie-dying!

  3. Hi Heather. It was nice to see this today. I'm glad you do things on your own terms. I've followed you for a number of years. You're so fun! I really enjoy quilting and knitting too. There aren't enough hours in a day after work. Looking forward to seeing your future creations over on IG or here.
    p.s. I'm in a do.good stitches group with Nicke : )

  4. Fact:
    Each life is (no matter how middle class) has roads and paths that can lead us out of the ordinary and into bright energy and light of creativity. Coagulations on the paths you have found and the energy and light you bring into the world with each battle you fight and each dream you create.

  5. you are simply the most interesting blogger I follow :)

  6. Beautifully written as always Heather. You rock! x

  7. Ooooh knitting! Welcome to the club, and welcome back to blogging :-)

  8. This was nice to read. I enjoy your photos and work (and sass) so much on Instagram. It all boils down to what makes you happy. And I think your happiness really shines through all your projects

  9. Oh Heather! I love your free spirit and your intelligent brain and your loyal heart! So glad to have you on my arsenal, always. Xoxo

  10. I'm slow going to get around my blog reading, but I LOVE these new facts. :) I am going through a sort of same feeling, that rediscovering, or maybe it's admitting, of who I am now. I'd love to chat with you on my podcast about it! I'll send you an email. :)

  11. saucy is good! vanilla is booooring! I love your style and I love all the curated finds behind COT! free spirits have more fun in this life!


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