Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Whole30.

The Whole30 is finished.  And here are my thoughts on it.

I decided to try this particular "diet/ challenge - (if you will)", because I heard that it could reduce inflammation in joints.  Not the diet per say, but the removal of an unknown food source that I was consuming, that could/ might be adding to my discomfort.  This year I was diagnosed with a couple loose vertebrate, that resulted in having Spinal Instability.  And since my body doesn't care for pain medication (nor am I a fan of band-aiding the real issues), I'm now willing to try most anything to help this situation with my health and certainly for only 30 days.  I'm totally worth that!  Everyone is, whatever their personal issues might be.  SO, here's how it went.

Week 1 - PANIC
This week was filled with an unbelievable amount of panic.  Panic from my body, because I wasn't feeding it all the bad shit it was craving and wanting, even though it was hurting me.  Panic that I wasn't going to have enough to eat and I might die from starvation.  Panic that I might eat the wrong thing accidentally and screw up this commitment.  Panic that I didn't prep well enough for this journey and I could fail over that and Panic that I might kill some one from being Hangry.  This was a long ass week.

OOhh… the pity party had rolled in by now.  And it was celebrating all the lousy things I could possibly think about.  I felt flu-ish from the detoxing of ALL my regular diet components.  I was super ticked off that I had to even restrict myself to "possibly" relieve my lower back discomfort, "Why me??" I was totally over black coffee.  I hated everything.  I think at one point, I was even catching myself giving chickens the stank-eye when seeing images of them.  Stupid chicken and their stupid eggs.  Stupid, shitty chicken faces, don't even exist already!  My life was obscenely angry.

However… I was sleeping like a baby.

I'm not sure exactly what and when it shifted.  However, I subtly started realizing that I was laughing more this week.  My shitty/ hateful looks had fallen away and in place was this weird "calm" face.  Like you'd think I was listening to Enya, or some crap.  I even liked chickens again and contemplated buying a coop.  It was super wild.  And on top of ALL that, I wasn't as lethargic and sickly feeling anymore.  In fact, I'd goes as far as to say I was restless with energy.  And not the kind that comes from a "high" of carbs or caffeine and then later "the crash" but, a steady/ consistent/ flow of it that never seemed to end.  I sewed a LOT this week.

I think the title of this week, pretty much sums up my thoughts on how I felt during this time, damn accurately.  It completely unnerved me that I could feel SO good and the only thing I changed in my life was what I was eating (or NOT eating, depending on how you look at it).  My energy was off the charts, sleeping like an infant, my mood was so steady and happy, and my back… NO PAIN.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I even did a test by going to the one place I could NEVER get through without bending over or having to squat to relieve the pressure in my spine, IKEA.  I could have stayed all day!  It was truly, bizarre!  I bought a lot of shit that day.  Clearly, being able to spend all day really looking through Ikea… leads to baskets of Christmas decoration loot.

SO… here's my ending thoughts…
I'm staying on the Whole30.  I don't see any reason to stop living this lifestyle.  Will I "cheat" every once in awhile… yep, I totally will.  But, it will be on date nights… so, we don't break our home habits that we've spent this moth creating and ultimately… enjoying!  I like eating clean and my body… DEFINITELY likes me eating clean.  So, yeah… I would encourage anyone who feels yucky for one reason or another to try it fo sho!

OOHhh… and because I know there will be some curiosity as to weight loss.  I will say only this on that topic.  I personally do NOT use a scale.  I never have.  I don't believe a number should dictate what your level of fitness and overall health truly is.  With that being said, I chose NOT to weigh myself in the beginning of this 30 day challenge or at the end.  That wasn't why I did this.  I have no doubt that there was some loss, because my clothes do fit differently.  But, that was not "my" goal, so I don't see how it would help me gain anything with that certain knowledge. 

XX, Heather


  1. Congratulations on achieving your goal! I'm sure week two was awful after the novelty wore off....
    I am off to read about this miracle plan ; )

  2. I came over from IG for the cuss words and I'm so glad I did, Heather! Your post is inspiring. I love how I feel when I eat clean which I am not doing right now and I feel like doo-doo! I'm so glad you are feeling better!!! xo Erin

  3. It's so hard to get people to realize, low fat and fake sugar aren't food and aren't good for you.I am still working on staying on the path but feeling so good is worth it!

  4. Fantastic!!! I SO need to do this and stick with it. I know all if me will feel better.

  5. I NEED to eliminate sugar from my world. Thank you for the honesty - very helpful!

  6. This was so perfectly written about a food journey like this!

    I haven't done a Whole 30, but did the GAPS intro, which is so similar.
    Now I'm on a gluten free, mostly dairy free, mostly whole foods, eat some potatoes and rice and chocolate and non-GMO corn sometimes. It keeps my anxiety down, sleep better, and joint pain way down, and I lost 15 pounds over a couple years (which is a lot on us little shorties!)

    But yea -- totally a case of opportunity cost. It's more high maintenance, but helps so much!

  7. Wonderful! I started Paleo back in January and though I never didI belonf the whole thirty. I have lost a couple of stone and have never felt better. I do have some dairy and the ocassional sweet treat. It is NOT a diet but a WOE (way of eating )I belong to a fantastic online group called Paleo UK and there are loads of great books out there, Well Fed, Paleo Mom. Grain Bain etc. About to have bacon, eggs, tomatoes andmushrooms all fried in bacon fat nom nom!

    1. Oops apologies for my typo, strike I belonf lol and book is grain bRain!! x

  8. Girl you have no idea how badly I needed to read this today. After surgery in March, additional issues since, 7 weeks of physical therapy and another surgery contemplated I have decided it is up to me to fix my back. My dr doesn't seem to care about it near as much as I do and nothing else is providing a permanent solution. I told Chris yesterday it was time to stop feeling sorry for myself and clean up my diet. So while I'm not doing whole 30 just yet (I need to but my family isn't ready to make the commitment and I don't think I can stay true to it with the holidays coming up on my own) I am removing inflammatory foods and making a change. Exercised this morning through the soreness/stiffness/don't want tos and am committed to be the change I want to see in myself. I'm so glad you're feeling better. Life is too short to hurt all the time. xx

  9. Uh, well done!
    Never heard of Whole30 before. I know this way of eating as LCHF. Low Carb High Fat.
    My family and I haven't completely surrendered. Yet. However, all our everyday family evening meals are made this way. And have been for over a year. It's surprising how much you crave this real food and how little you miss the other stuff. It's good for you. In every sense.

  10. You're body is your temple;)


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