Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Scrappy STRIPED Flying Geese TUTORIAL!!

Alrighty, then!  Here's the deal… if you're on IG, then you might know that I started a little QAL (quilt a long) named the #scrappypostagestampqal to use up all my scraps that fit ingot he 2.5" square category.  HOWever, I had all these strange cut strips that had no purpose, but to annoy me.  I had been thinking about what I would like to do with these muthers, when I ran across a pretty great idea!!

Okay, I want to start off by saying that, this was NOT my original idea (most are intact NOT in the quilting world…. new!  :P) and I was totally inspired by this person's post!!  I just wanted a different size and a bit more ease on a quick template to make them, so I came up with this!  

If you do decide to make these with me, I'd love to see them… so, please use the new hashtag on IG
#scrappystripedflyinggeeseQAL !!

So… here we go!  These are easy & fast & 4 at a time!  Let's bust some scraps!!

Taking computer paper, trim down to 8.5" X 8.5".  Then grab a wad of fabric scraps long enough to meet those measurements.

Taking two of the drips of scraps, lay them right sides together and sew 1/4" seam using a shortened stitch length of 1.2 on your machine.

Continue until you have cover your entire computer paper.

Trim down to the original 8.5" X 8.5" size.

Cut your Paper pieced block into 4 segments.

Well… that was easy so far, yeah!  Okay, lets make these current triangles geese.
Cut 4 - 4.5' X 4.5" Squares for the background fabric.

Then cut them each "ONCE" diagonally.

Taking one background Triangle place it right side to right side of your striped triangle.

Here's the trick to these… you want to line up the "bottom" of your triangles with your extra length coming of the top!!  This is SUPER important or you won't get the "Crisp Tips" of flying geese!!  

Sew using 1/4" seam.
(extra photo of the ALL important tip fabric!)

Press with an iron. And then repeat the process on the other side.

Press your second side over, gently remove the paper on the back of your block and WHA-LAH!  An adorable Scrappy Stripped Flying Geese block.
These should trim up to  7.5" X 4"!!

The beginning of mine!!  Don't you just love how the stripes are going different directions!  Talk about adding interest to an already cool design!!  :D

XX, Heather


  1. This looks like fun! I love how different all four geese look!

  2. Such a great I need to make some. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Just saw your QAL on IG and had to come over and check out this awesome tutorial!

  4. Brilliant idea! Thanks for sharing! Like many, I'm drowning in scraps.

  5. Btw, that Easy Rule II looks like a very sensible ruler...


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