Friday, February 7, 2014

Pillow Collective Blog Hop!! People… meet the Scrap Fan!

I think it's pretty obvious that I like a pillow (cough, cough my book.), so... of course I accepted the fabulous invitation to participate in this hop!!  A huge thanks to Miss Amy for thinking of me and wanting me to play along!  Kiss, kiss lady!!

Okay… now let's talk pillow for minute, k!  Pillows are rad for a really great reason… you can try out a pattern before actually committing your time & finances to a larger project and before you know it you're going to want to pull out your hair half way through it.  I think you can all relate, or we wouldn't all have those damn WIPs laying around everywhere, right!  Right.

So, I took that very advice to heart with this hop and tried out a new (actually it's SUPER old) pattern and gave it a modern twist.  Hence… The Scrap Fan!!  Grandmother Fan's are a traditional pattern that caught my eye recently and I knew if I didn't just make one, it'd bug the shit out of me.  So, one I did!

I will ONLY be posting links to the main portion of this pattern... as to not waste my time or disrespect the original blogger's post by rewriting a perfectly good tutorial.  I'll will be addressing what I changed to keep this project on target for the goal only, a pillow with a scrappy twist.  Okey dokey peeps…  here we go!

Please read this tutorial before reviewing my additions to it. 

Printing off your template from this link.

See the template with a "F" on it?… throw that crap away! It was dumb and I liked the original tutorial much better for beginners!!  Way less tricky!  Trust me!!

Now grab some of those endless scraps!  Sew a group of them together, trim and press.  Remember, wonky's nice sometimes and this is one of them!

Using your template cut your first fan out!

Already, have some pre-made strips in your scrap piles, use that shit!

Just keep at it until you have the 8 fans that the pattern calls for.  I made a rainbow with mine.  I never do that, make rainbows.  LOL  I'll probably, be shipping this pillow off.  :P

Now, here's where things got interesting.  I like where the original tutorial had this block become appliqué, so I stuck with that theory… but I cut my block backing to 10" X 10".  I then stitched my fan onto it by using a zig zag stitch as suggested.

I then trimmed my appliquéd block down to 9" X 9".  Nice and crisp.

Your actually done with your "Scrappy Fan" portion of this tutorial, but if you'd like to continue onto making a pillow top (raise your hands peeps!)  Then cut (2) 9" X 9" and (2) 9" X 20" pieces of background fabrics.  Sew the (2) square pieces first using 1/4" seem allowance.  Then the rectangle pieces.  Feel free to fold your rectangles in half to create a guide for yourself to center your strips!!

TaDa!  Now trim your pillow top down to 18 1/4" square.

I used the "9" as my center point on the mat to secure that my fan was centered.

and Boom!  There is my Scrappy Fan pillow top!!

I then pulled it off my design wall real fast like (I was excited)… sandwiched it, quilted it, attached a simple envelope back and then patted myself on the back.  I was very proud of my "rainbow moment"  Haha!! 

And that's it!!  I'm definitely thinking I'd like a quilt out of these babies.  They were pretty fun to make and you could really use up a large amount of scraps on one fo sho!!  Hope you liked my spin on a traditional classic!!  Want more pillows??… Check out these other cool kids and their designs!! 

Cheers kids!!
XXxx, Heather

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    1. Oh! I love this one! Imagine it in toned colours to suit a particular colour scheme! Gorgeous!

    2. so pretty - I love this. I have planned something like this for the Pantone colour challenge :)

    3. Isn't it fabulous! Thanks for your time putting this together : )

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