Monday, February 3, 2014

I love Book Boyfriends.

I am without doubt the biggest hopeless romantic, so it goes I read around 100 of these type of books a year.  I read in bed at night and I listen to them during the day.  I will honestly re-read/ listen to many of my favorites over and over again.  I'm a sucka!

It only makes sense that I would own a quilt dedicated to my favorite book boyfriends too.  I'm using Denyse Schmidt's Proverbial Quilt pattern for the words.  And as always, I'm mixing low volume prints as my backing to give the generated look, dreamy!  Sigh…

So far I've included:
Rush who starred in Fallen to Far.
Bennett who starred in Beautiful Bastard.
Travis who stared in Beautiful Disaster.
Barrons who starred in (He is my most favorite of the man candy!!!) The Fever Series.
Zsadist who starred in Lover Awakened a Black Dagger Brotherhood Novel.
Jace who starred in The Mortal Instruments Series (NOT THE MOVIE! YUCKY!!)
Kellen who starred in Effortless.

I of course have many O' boys to add to this quilt for sure… but, then I got the idea of how cute it would be to have little books sprinkled all over it!!  Thankfully Ayumi made the perfect paper piecing block for this thought in her new book, Patchwork, Please!  So, now… I've switched over to making some of them for a bit!!  It's really starting to look like a book boyfriend quilt even MORE now!!  hahaha!!  I think i'm in love.  Wink, wink!!

If you want to watch the progress of this quilt, pop over to Instagram!! I'm Houseofalamode or you can see the action at #bookboyfriendquilt !!!  Feel free to join in and post photo's of your favorite fictional men seen in fabric too!!  This is an addicting quilt, which may end up being a California King size when I'm finished!!  LOL

OOhh… and you can always see what I'm reading and what I thought on it on Goodreads!  I track everything, cause I'm a spas!  Also, if you'd like to share your most loved book boyfriend with me… leave his name!  I'll read him real good!! ;)

XX, Heather


  1. I really love this quilt Heather! I started a list of my book boyfriends! And I love the your idea of adding the books! It's going to be a BAMF quilt! I have the Darkfever book on my kindle now but I'm trying to finish A Breath of Snow and Ashes (Outlander #6) before it expires from my kindle. I will make one of these quilts soon!


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