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The Library - Mystery/Thriller Review "No Escape" by Mary Burton

Title: No Escape
Author: Mary Burton
Released On: October 29, 2013
Publisher: Zebra

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He Was Taught How To Kill

Even behind bars, serial killer Harvey Day Smith exudes menace. Psychologist Jolene Granger has agreed to hear his dying confession, vowing not to let the monster inside her head. And Harvey has secrets to share—about bodies that were never found, and about the apprentice who is continuing his grisly work…

And Now He’ll Teach Them

He buries his victims alive the way his mentor Harvey did, relishing their final screams as the earth rains down. And as one last gift to the only father he knew, he’ll make the most perfect kill of all.

How To Die

Everything about this investigation is unnerving Jo, from Harvey’s fascination with her to the fact that she’s working alongside Texas Ranger Brody Winchester, her ex-husband. Harvey’s protégé is growing bolder and more vicious every day. And soon the trail of shallow graves will lead them to the last place Jo expected, and to the most terrifying truth of all…

Every once in awhile I like to sit down and read a really good murder mystery and this was an excellent read.  I was also sent the first book in this Texas Rangers series and I loved it as well.  This could absolutely be a stand alone book though.  The main female character is Jolene Granger she's a psychologist who works occasionally with the Rangers and she did make an appearance in the first book and the 2 main characters from that book show up in this book as well.  You don't need any of that back story for this story though.

When Jo was going to school she did one of her big papers on Harvey Day Smith, when he decides to make a confession before he dies he want to talk to her.  The problem is that the Ranger responsible for his capture and the man who contacts her, Brody Winchester, happens to be her ex-husband.  They haven't seen each other in 14 years and working side by side is causing all sorts of old feelings and hurts to come to the surface.  Not to mention the fact that someone is out there killing and disposing of the bodies in the same manner that Harvey Day Smith did.

This book is fast paced and full of twists and turns.  For just a minute I thought I had it all figured out and boy was I wrong!  I love a book that keeps me on my toes and this one definitely did that.  Harvey has Jo all turned around and confused.  He intimates that there is a connection between them that she needs dig deeper to find and this has her tied in knots.  She is starting to re-connect with Brody a man who disappointed her at a time in her life when she needed him to stand by her side.  Jo has a lot of things working against her, but she is a strong woman who doesn't seem to let anything get her down.

If you are looking for a relatively quick read and you love a good murder mystery then I highly recommend this book.  It's an adult read and it has some tastefully done love scenes, but not too much detail and while there is some profanity it's used very sparingly.

*Disclaimer:  I was provided with a copy of this book courtesy of the publisher in exchange for my honest review.*

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