Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Library - September Reading Wrap Up

This was another short month for me, but I feel like I read a lot!  I think that it looks short because a couple of the books I read were SUPER long.  Monsters took me over a week to read since it was almost 850 pages.  I am not doing too bad though, I just went over the 102 mark for 2013 on my Goodreads challenge.  I have 125 books on there so I am well on my way to hitting my target.  I have also now read 3 of the 25 books on my Challenge Bookshelf.  You can see those books here.

So here is a look at the books I managed to add to my "Read" shelf in September. 
There you have it!  I have a couple of video reviews coming up, but I am waiting on my new HD webcam to get here before I record them.  Also, I have been sick for the past week so my voice has been pretty scary and the coughing kinda ruins the videos!  I am going to be working on promoting my YouTube Channel so hopefully I can start to build my following over there.  I may also be posting videos over there on the days that I don't post here so if you don't want to miss those be sure to follow me over on YouTube.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Reading!

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