Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Library - Bookshelf tour

Ok, the messy shelves were driving me nuts so I had to get that all under control!  I spread over into the new bookcase and I pretty much filled it up so I am going to have to put a hold on the book buying for awhile.  At least until I have a place to put another shelf!  So here is a little bookshelf tour for you...

This is my unread shelf.

There are 124 books in this bookcase that I haven't read!!  That's a lot of books.  They aren't in any particular order, but I do have a section on the 3rd shelf with the books I have received from authors and publishers for review.

This is a read shelf and the 2nd shelf holds the bulk of my signed books, but I did split those up to add the unread ones to the right shelf.  I am pretty sure that I need to add Jane's Melody to that shelf...I guess I need to plead with Ryan to send me one!!  The bottom shelf is all review books that were sent to me, some I have reviewed some are ones that I just couldn't get in to so I haven't read them all.

This is my my new shelf.  This really should be part of my unread shelf because I still haven't read any of the Buffy books even though I have been collecting them for probably 10 years now!  There are actually a few more of those that I haven't read, but someday I will get to them.  I have started collecting the books in the series that I have on kindle that I really enjoy.  I have parts of several series and I just buy them as I see them at used bookstores or when they get put in bargain bins.

So this is what I have now and it's nice and organized so maybe I will actually get more of them read!!  I am working on a list of the ones I want to read for the challenge.  I will post that soon!

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  1. I love that you have picture of Spike!! Your shelves look nice and organized. Maybe I should get to that...


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