Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Sewing Studio - Yep, I made my own Burlap Wreath!!

I know that you are used to seeing Heather's posts when you see the title The Sewing Studio, but when I decided to make my own Burlap Wreath I took lots of pictures, so I thought I would share! 

 Here is what it looks like all finished up and on my horrible red door.  I am getting ready for a major front porch re-do that involves painting my door a pretty blue color so just ignore the yucky maroon for now!

I just love it SO much and the fun part is that when I want to change it up with a new color or different "toppings" it's super easy to do.  Really you could change it out for any holiday/season if you wanted to, that's the beauty of the Burlap Wreath.

Here is what you are going to need to make one of your own
  • 20" (or bigger) wire Wreath Frame
  • pkg of tan/natural colored chenille stems or pipe cleaners
  • a roll of 21" natural colored wire mesh (or whatever color you like!)
  • whatever other ribbons, etc...that you want to add.  Here is what I used on mine Natural Burlap, White Jute Lattice (wire edge, 4" wide), chevron burlap ribbon (I used yellow and blue, but I bought a fun pink one too!)
  • glue gun
So here is a quick run down on how to make it.  
It's super easy and each one you make will look different and fun.  

First you want to take your wire wreath form and twist your pipe cleaners around the outer wire and the inner wire.  I used WAY too many and I was kinda willy nilly with my placement and I ended up not using all of them.  Here is my suggestion, Put 8 or 9 equally placed around the outer wire and then 7 on the inner wire.  You can see that I put the pipe cleaners on all 4 wires and that was just too much and made attaching the wire mesh way harder!

Just give each one a little twist and then flip it over on it's front and put a dab of hot glue on each one to keep it from sliding around.  

I am a mad woman with a hot glue gun so I always have lots of glue stringing all over the place!

Once your glue is dry, flip it over and grab your 21" wire mesh.  Now technically this isn't burlap, but it's stiff and it's easy to form and make big nice puffs with.  You want to start on the outer edge and leaving about 6" on the end scrunch up your wire mesh and twist the pipe cleaner around it to secure the end.  Move down about 12" or so and scrunch it again and secure it with the next pipe cleaner.  You may need more or less depending on how far apart your pipe cleaners are.  Now you have your first poof!  Keep doing this until you get all the way around the outside edge, then start on the inner wire and work your way around to the last pipe cleaner.  Once you get to the last tie down just cut off your wire mesh and you can just tuck the end through the wire to the back.  

This is what it looks like when you have the wire mesh all done.  You can tuck the edges of the wire mesh to the inside of the poofs so you don't see them and so they don't unravel.  Leave your pipe cleaner ends out though so you can keep adding to the wreath.

Now take your next layer and start adding it in to the pipe cleaners.  Now you can get crazy and use all the ties to add the new layers in, pretty much it all depends on how you want it to look.  I wish now that I would have used a bright colored burlap instead of the natural, but I do like this neutral look....for now!

Here it is after one more layer

And one more! Ignore that bow, I decided to add a bigger one.

Once you get all the layers you want just tuck the ends of the pipe cleaners to the back of the wreath so they are out of sight.  You may still be able to see them but if you fluff the top layers out and if you have wire edged ribbon on top you can manipulate it so you can't see the pipe cleaners at all.

And here it is all fluffed up and with a new bigger bow.  
This is going to look so pretty on my blue door someday!

So, what do you think?  I think I did pretty good!  I love it and I am looking forward to changing it up for different seasons.  Maybe I will add a big painted G to the center for my last name...

Do you have a Burlap Wreath?  If so I would LOVE to see it!

Happy Crafting!

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