Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Library - June Reading Wrap Up

WOW!  This month just flew by and I kind of lost my reading steam toward the end of the month so I am afraid that my reading list for June will be kind of short.  In any event, here is what I managed to get read during the month of June.
If you follow the blog you will see that I have reviewed some of these already.  I still have a handful of reviews left to get posted.  I still have a stack of hard copy books to review and some really great ones on their way to me now.  I didn't take a picture of what I have now, but it's similar to the picture I posted last month!  There are a couple in my stack that I am having trouble with so they may find their way to my DNF shelf.  I have a few on there that I may pick up in the future, but sometimes you just never know if a book is going to be to your liking until you try it and I would rather not finish it than post a bad review.  I try not to do those anyway, but I do like to be honest.

I am working on a Stacking the Shelves post that will go up tomorrow.  I thought I would combine it with this post, but as I was taking pictures and jotting down my new kindle titles I realized that it's just been too long since I posted one so it's going to be a long post!

I hope you all had a productive month...Happy Reading!

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