Monday, June 3, 2013

The Library - May Reading Wrap Up

Well, I didn't read nearly as much in May as I did in April, but I did read some really good books and a couple that were not so great.  These next few months should be really big ones for me though, since I am off work for the summer.  Here is a quick look at what I did read in May...

I have reviewed a couple of these already and you will see the rest coming up in the next couple of weeks.  I still have a small stack of hard copy books that I need to read and review.  I have only gotten a couple more in the past few weeks.  This is what that stack looks like at this present time.
Sadly, it still looks a lot like it did last month!  I have been reading a lot on my kindle so this stack has been sorely neglected.  I am making it a goal to get through most of those this month though so we'll see how that goes!

Right now I am in the planning stages of a big summer sewing project that I will definitely be sharing here.  I know that most of the sewing stuff on this blog comes from Heather, but this was inspired by her and it's totally book related so I am going to share my progress here.  Here is where I am so far...

This is the start of my Book {boyfriend} Quilt.  I am finalizing the names now, but I am sure there will be more as I read awesome new books!  How many of those names would be on your list?  So as I make progress on it I will be showing that here.  My goal is to get it all done this summer while I am not working.  I am also beginning work on a Doctor Who quilt.  It's a quilt-a-long and since we are only doing 2 blocks a month it will be awhile before I get that one done, but I will share those blocks as well.  I still have to do the first 2 though!

Happy reading....and sewing!!

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