Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Kitchen - Trail Mix

I wanted to pop on here really quickly this morning and share my favorite Paleo snack with you.  I never was a big Trail Mix fan in the past, but I really do love this one.  We got the idea from a friend who has been doing Paleo for awhile now.  It's really a just a mix of the things you like, but here is how I make ours.

I use a bag of Tropical Trail mix (Great Value grand from Wal-mart), a bag of Blue Diamond dark chocolate oven roasted almonds and a bag of dried mixed berries (also the Great Value brand).  Now the almonds are a bit pricey, but I love them.  They have a great flavor.  I noticed today that Blue Diamond also has some that are coffee with flavors like mocha and caramel macchiato.  

So, you just dump all these in a big bowl and give it a stir.  You can also add more almonds or cashews, it's really up to you.  Make sure you store it in something air tight.  I probably eat about 1/3 cup of this a day.  I have to try to limit it though and I definitely put it in a bowl or baggie so I don't just mindlessly eat it without thinking about how much I am eating!

If you have any good Paleo snack ideas I would love to hear them!



  1. I make my own 'trail mix' too - a can of 'deluxe mixed nuts', a can of honey roasted peanuts, a small can of candied peanuts, and a bag of chocolate covered coffee beans and some raisins. My son and hubby get this in their lunch everyday. I try to change up the type of chocolate in their - haven't tried the chocolate almonds yet though. I can only eat small amounts of this though - my stomach can't tolerate too much nuts :(

  2. I still eat dairy so crustless quiche is always a good one to have in the fridge, I throw a load of veg in there while it's baking things like tomatoes, red peppers, onions along with what ever else needs used!


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