Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Kitchen - Paleo Tools and Staples

This is the beginning of my 3rd week on Paleo and I wanted to share some things I have learned in the past few weeks.  There are some things that will make your paleo journey much easier.  I am going to talk about some staples first because you will find as you go along that you are eating some things daily.  I am sure that everyone has different tastes, but some things are just staples!

In our house these are our main food staples, so far.  
We eat eggs pretty much every day for breakfast!  My husband likes them over medium, I prefer fried or scrambled.  I try to mix it up and do them different every day.  We do veggie stuffed omelets, I top mine with tomatoes and avocado, etc...  I think we have gone through 5 dozen or more in the past 2 weeks!
I buy avocado's 7-8 at a time and we eat at least one a day, sometimes more between the 2 of us.  I put them on eggs, on salads, on fish.  Right now my favorite way to is slice them and eat them on top of a ground chuck patty.  If you like avocado's they are an excellent source of good fat.
I have a huge bowl of fresh fruit on my counter top all the time.  Our favorites right now are cherries, bananas, pears and kiwi, but we also keep apples, oranges, mango, blueberries and strawberries handy as well.  It's a quick snack on the go, or I can cut up a bunch at once and make a fruit salad for the whole family!
Coconut oil is a must have as well.  You can use it in place of other cooking oils for frying, etc.  It has a really good flavor and it's an oil that's good for you.  It has lots of uses really.

Other than these things I buy lots of fresh veggies, chicken breasts, frozen tilapia and whatever beef looks good that week. I have been doing bacon or sausage for breakfast with our eggs as well.  We made our own trail mix last week and that was pretty tasty for a quick snack.  I will share that on here soon once I can get some pictures of it!

Now I am going to share a few of the tools that I have found to be particularly useful.
You really need a good set of non stick cookware.  I have stainless and I was having to use a ton of oil when I cooked so I went out and got this 2 piece set of hard anodized skillets and I love them so much that I want to go set a whole set.  I can cook my eggs without adding any oil to the pans and they are great for chicken and fish as well.  You have to be very careful with the coating though and don't use any metal utensils on them so make sure you pick up a nice rubber turner as well.  
Good storage containers and bags.  I got these storage containers (BPA Free) from Walmart and they were nice and cheap.  They come in 4-5 different sizes and shapes.  I like the rectangle ones the best because they are prefect for prepped veggies and I can stack them nicely in my fridge so I can see what's in them.  They big round ones are perfect for fruits that need to be refrigerated.  I think these are less the $2 for each package!  I also use a lot of storage bags so I get them at The Dollar Tree.  This Stor-it brand they carry are really nice bags for only $1 a box.
I can't even begin to tell you how important this parchment paper is!!  I use it almost every day and it's saved me so much clean up time.  I line my baking sheet with it every time I roast veggies or cook any type of meat in my oven and it's fabulous.  
I bought a case of pint jars and I have been using them for everything.  I store my homemade mayo and ghee in them.  I also use them for my bulk sea salt and to make my own pomegranate vinaigrette salad dressing.  Pretty much you can use them to hold or store anything and once you wash them you can use them all over again!

Right now that's all I can think of, but I am sure I will come across more handy things that I can share with you.

As of the beginning of week 3 I have lost 5.4 pounds and my husband has lost 6.2.  I think I have walked once during this time but haven't done any other exercise.  I do fully intend to start exercising, but so far I have just been lazy!  I think once we add that component in our results will be even better.

I would love to hear from you if you are doing paleo, so feel free to leave a comment or email me anytime!


  1. I have 2 overall problems with this diet. 1 tell me I cant have cheese and I run the other way! Any diet that completely omits an entire food group just makes my skin crawl! 2 loss of legumes! I love to go meatless a few times a week and chickpeas and soybeans are both amazing substitutes! I am all for eating healthier (heaven knows I need to!) I do wish you Good luck with this diet!

    1. I think of it as a change of lifestyle not a diet. I don't have any problems eliminating food groups but I totally understand what you are saying. I am not a big dairy or legume eater so it's not been a problem for me so far. I do try to stay away from all soy products as well, so I opt for coconut milk if I need a milk type product in anything. I feel better with this change so it's working well for me so far!


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