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The Library - Paranaromal Romance Review "Oxford Shadows" by Marion Croslydon

Title:  Oxford Shadows
Author:  Marion Croslydon
Publisher:  Carlux Publishing 
Publication Date:  April 30, 2013

Genre:  Paranormal Romance
Format:  Kindle 531 KB   | Paperback 248 pages

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Synopsis from Goodreads: 

When death is a new beginning and love an old curse.

Still recovering from her last tango with the afterlife, Louisiana-born Madison LeBon struggles not only with her life as an Oxford postgrad but also with her budding love for Rupert Vance, aristocrat extraordinaire. One thing is certain, though: she won’t run away from her powers anymore. From now on she’ll face the music …

… literally!

When a sixteenth-century ghost makes an appearance during a classical concert Madison attends and threatens her boyfriend’s family, she sets out to explore the dark mysteries of the Tudors, even if that means confronting their most royal and homicidal character.

Her plans take an unexpected turn when her voodoo heritage catches up with her. With horror, she understands what her fate was always meant to be.

The question now is: Can Rupert be part of it?
My Thoughts...
I will say right off that I didn't enjoy this one as much as I did the first book, Oxford Whispers.  I liked it, but there were some things that really bothered me.  I want to know where the strong girl from book one was?  Madison was crying all the time in this book, it was bordering on being super annoying.  I also thought that Rupert was a little over the top in this book.  He was just as moody as Madison and honestly, he was a big pushy.

I still loved the setting and the idea of voodoo and ghosts and all that.  I did like that the spots that were flashback to another time were clearly marked with italics.  I liked the Tudors angle, but I am not sure that I loved all the liberties taken, but I understand them.  I do find it somewhat unbelievable that these ghosts are so attached to the Vance family though.  It's a bit too tidy for me, but maybe that's where the end game is headed.

So, in this one Madison's aunt who is a nun moves to town and brings another dark secret with her.  This is a secret that is going to change Madison's life in no small way.  We also meet Sam, who, I have to say I LOVED.  I think he was a welcome addition to the story and one that will also change Madison's life, hopefully for the better.  

I felt that Madison and Ruperts relationship was strained in this book.  I think he put more into than she did, she is still keeping secrets from him and that annoys me.  They are in for a rough road in the next book for sure if things are going like I suspect they are.

I think that if you read the first book you will enjoy this one.  I know that I will continue to read the series for sure.  I have to know how it all ends!  If you like a good paranormal read then you may want to give this series a try.  This is a NA, and while there are a couple of love scenes, they aren't over the top with description.  This book was a little less steamy than the first one.

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