Monday, May 6, 2013

The Library - April Reading Wrap Up

Well, I am a little late this post, but I took a week off and while I didn't get as much done as I thought I would, I will start posting again.  What I did manage to do was read 3-4 new books that I now need to review!

Here is a quick look at what books I finished in April.  I did have a pretty full month!

You have seen a couple of these show up on the blog with reviews, but I still have a lot left to write.  I don't know that I will review all of them though.  There are times that I breeze through a series really quickly and I don't really like to review so many books in a series all at once.  The With Me in Seattle series is one of those.  I really love the series and I think I will write a full review on the most recent book, but maybe just some short ones on Goodreads for the others. 

As you can see only a couple of those books are from my review pile.  I am going to spend the next few weeks getting more review books read...I promise!  I do have a couple books that I have been waiting on coming out in the next few weeks, but my goal is to make a nice dent in my "to be reviewed pile" which now looks like this...
I am down to 7 in my stack (one is not pictured, I forgot to put it in there) and one that I am currently reading so I am not doing too bad!  I just have to work on getting all my reviews up now.  I have purposely been taking only books that I know that I am going to enjoy otherwise I get overwhelmed and end up not reading some of them if they don't hook me right away. 

So there you have my month of April in a short little post!  Be on the lookout for reviews on these in the coming weeks.  If there is one you see there that you want to make sure I review then just leave me a comment or shoot me an email and I will be sure to review it for you.

Happy Reading!!

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