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The Library - Sci-Fi Short Story Review "The Dark Inside" by Donna Galanti

Title:  The Dark Inside
Author: Donna Galanti
Publisher:  Self-Published
Publication Date:  February 26, 2013
Genre:  Science Fiction
Format:  Kindle 274 KB  

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Author's Goodreads Profile:  Donna Galanti

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Heartbreak, danger, lust, and betrayal blaze to life in this collection of stories that reveal the dark places hidden within us. When what you most desire is on the line how far will you go to get it, and what will you give up?

A young man desperate to leave a world that doesn't accept him–and a father who hates him. A tormented man imprisoned as a science experiment experiences love for the first time. A secret agent gives in to his carnal desires and risks exposing the one secret he wants to keep. A college freshman betrayed by her lover takes matters into her own hands. A young girl is determined not to suffer at the hands of her molester anymore. A sadistic leader who thrives on mind control leads his people into a new life. A teen seeks escape from his abusive foster father and faces a life-or-death situation to survive.

They must either fight the dark inside or embrace it. Which will they choose?
My Thoughts...
I can't quite put my finger on exactly how I feel about this short story collection.  I loved Ms. Galanti's book A Human Element and for me, this was just a little something to tide me over until the next book comes out.

So here are just a few thoughts on this collection.  For the most part I didn't know who the characters in the stories were.  There were a couple that I did know and because of that those stories were my favorite, ecpecially the one with Felix.  Every story dealt with pretty dark subject matter and while I realize that this is the point of the collection the fact that so many of them revolve around some sort of sexual abuse/assault bothered me.  

I think that if you enjoyed A Human Element and you like Ms. Galanti's writing style then you may want to pick this one up.  It's not detrimental to the story, although you do get a glimpse of previous, possibly life altering moments in the lives of both Felix and X-10.  Each of the stories is well crafted, they are written from differing POV's and some are more in depth while some are just short little bursts of action.  They are all steeped in darkness, though, so beware!


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  1. Shelly, thanks so much for reading and reviewing THE DARK INSIDE! I hope you find more hope and love in the sequel to A HUMAN ELEMENT - forthcoming. :)


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