Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Library - "Eve of Darkness" Giveaway Winners!!

Ok, so I went ahead and used Random Number Generator to pick 2 winners for the Eve of Darkness book drawing.  I was really hoping for more entries and in the future I probably won't do 2 books for such a small number of entries.  I am wondering if using Rafflecopter would have been a better idea, but I thought I would try something different this time and just do comments.  Typically I get a much better turnout with the Rafflecopter so I think I will go back to that in the future.

Here are the winners...

If you are Elizabeth or Dione, I will be emailing you today to get your shipping addresses.  TOR will be sending out the books to you once I get your addresses to them.

Thanks to everyone who played along and I will be posting my reviews of the other 2 books in the series very soon!

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  1. Thank you so much Shelly! I know I already exchanged emails with you but I just wanted to say Thanks again. Can't wait to read this book!


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