Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Dressing Room - Tiny Little Apt redo & some neon!

Fresh off the heels of a more emotional "real life" post over at my own blog, I'm here at The Dressing Room to share with you some of my week & weekend's worth of projects & goodies! 

Some of my Spring (if it ever gets here) goals are: buy more house plants, decorate with neon, and whip up some quilting & sewing projects. I am starting with the most fun -- the NEON! I've been enamored with the little bits of neon popping up on Pinterest lately. I'm a child of the 80's, neon is in my blood no matter how hard to I try to get rid of it. I've been in a pretty hardcore it must all be black phase for the past few years, from clothes to decor. And since we're about to get even more snow dumped on us this weekend, I think this is a pretty prime time to decorate with neon. Just try to stop me!

Of course, this also meant a huge redo of The Tiny Little Apt., but that was more because of getting the new daybed and actually having space to move things around, and less because of the neon. I've been in the process of repainting my big mirror frame, which was a good start to the project... So, I got some new fabrics & notions, moved all of my furniture around, made a huge mess, and hopefully by the end of the weekend I'll have some new throw pilllows.

You'll see I had a couple of helpers along the way...

ridiculously comfy:

there used to be two bookcases there, but thats where the tiny little bed is going to go!
the bookcases are now back to back across the room. 
and nothing much is behind there around the corner, except the smallest bathroom in the world.

Also, I may have already started pulling clothes/packing bags for my vacation in a couple of weeks.
Its early, I know. Don't judge!

As you can see, I still cropped my tiny little kitchen out of these photos, because its pretty horrible. I'm not much of a kitchen girl, so its okay. There's also still a random lamp next to the bookcases/stove which needs a home. It looks a little out of place there. ;) 

There's not a lot of room to go OUT in one room, so I'm trying to go UP.  Nice high ceilings are a bonus.

I'm happy to have my sewing table/bookcase infront of the windows right now, so that tomorrow I can open up the curtains and watch it snow while I work on stuff. I'm obviously not at #quiltcon, but I've been having a blast following along with everyone on Instagram. What are you up to this weekend??

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