Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Dressing Room - Post holiday shopping!

Hey everyone!!! Another weekend means another post from The Dressing Room!

That also means another fun manicure! Leftover from NYE, its a bit chipped...

 oh, and some NYE makeup:

I was lucky enough to receive some great gift cards for Christmas from family and family, and even from work! I had the Target gift cards spent in about .04 seconds on groceries, razors, shampoo, cat litter, and socks - so fast I can barely remember what I actually bought, but I promise it was all necessary... maybe...

The Anesthesia department usually gives us Anesthesia technicians some Visa gift cards for Christmas, which is so thoughtful and very appreciated! I was especially excited because I recently booked a trip to Arizona to visit friends in March, and was hoping to buy a couple of carry on's. I will be going for 4 days, with a travel day on each end, and I know I can cram everything I need into my carry on's, so that I don't have to check a suitcase. I went to TJ Maxx and lucked out. The black oversized tote is from Nine West and was $40. The pink faux snakeskin bag has wheels on the bottom and a pull handle that comes out, and only cost $20! I had to get something pink, I couldn't travel with beige or something boring. ;)

 Next stop was Forever21. I could pretty much buy one of everything they sell in there, and this was a two hour scavenger hunt, basically. Every time I go in there I spend no less than $50 and come out with a stuffed bag full of goodies. I do find that some of their tees and top wash funny and I stopped putting them through the washer/dryer, only handwash, so they wouldn't get skewed.. But otherwise, Forever21 always has unique and super fun stuff, and I shop there pretty religiously. Here's what I came home with this time:

Three, yes 3, new pairs of leggings.
The black glittery ones are cotton, the other two are mostly spandex. I've been living in leggings recently, with long tops or sweaters to cover my bum. They're comfortable and if you have the right outfit they look great with boots!
I've been wearing my plain black ones with thigh highs (and boots) for some some added sass.

 Loooooove this tee. LOVE!
(with the glittery leggings? YES!)

 And to go with the glittery leggings and above tee, this long sleeve flowy & long cardigan.
Its a strange color, not black and not navy. But it will do!

I can already tell these are going to quickly become my new favorite jeans. I'll probably go back and buy another pair or two! I currently have 11 pairs of jeans - 7 pairs of dark blue skinny jeans, 1 pair of leopard print, 1 pair of red, 1 pair of sailor top flares, and now these lightwash. These are going to look good with pretty much anything. Everything. And they will be good for pretty much every season. I'm in! They were more expensive than the $10 skinnies I usually buy, but at $25 they were reasonable.

 I feel similarly already obsessed with this oversized sweater. Its kind of a nasty olivey color, which I love. Its long enough to wear with leggings (like the floral ones I got!), but it would be great with skinny jeans or even a fitted skirt. I'm psyched. Short sleeves, which in winter is kind of a bummer here, but thats okay. I'll get over that quickly!

And of course, accessories. I didn't buy nearly as many pairs of earrings as I usually do - just one pair this time. But two super cute headbands! I'm into headbands these days as I'm going through the terrible process of growing out, and also lightening (so I can go pink?), my hair.

Just for giggles, here's my current hair color - beware, its gnarly!

So, after Forver21, I hit up H&M. They were having a big sale, and although I didn't get much, I saw lots of other things I could have purchased if I'd had more money! ;)

The dress on the left is a fitted, short, tank style with a low cut back. For ten bucks I couldn't pass up the floral. The shirt on the right is als floral, obviously, and is knit on the front and chiffon on the back - I bought a large so that it could be really oversized and flowy with leggings. The back is all open except for a couple of small stitched sections, so I'll need to wear a cami underneath. $5? Heck yeah!
 Gotta love the free H&M magazine, too. Full of pretty stuff!

 Other random recent purchases...

a new wallet/wristlet for myself:

 and some INCREDIBLE sneaks:

Here I am shopping in those sneaks at Forever21! HA!

Okay, I think thats enough for now. Are you fashioned out for today?
I need a nap after all of that shopping and then of course finding a place for all of it in my tiny apt.
See you next weekend!


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