Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Dressing Room - On tiny storage and decor;

Hey friends! This weekend I want to talk a bit about something very near and dear to me, which does not include fashion, but my other love: decor & storage. I'm an organizational freak. Mostly because I live in a tiny studio apartment (if you follow me on Instagram, you know I call it The Tiny Little Apt - because really thats what it is). I live in one room - I can almost reach my fridge and stove from my bed, and my closet & front door are six feet away from my bathroom. 

I have very little storage - one double sided closet for the whole apartment - no fancy linen closet for the bathroom or any shelves built in anywhere. So, as someone who downsized from a two-bedroom apartment earlier last year, I have a lot of stuff. Granted, I got rid of almost everything I could bear to part with when I moved, but I still have a lot of stuff. I love things. I love collections and books and fabric, and as a quilter (as some of you know what its like!) I have accumulated quite a bit of supplies. I sold off most of my vintage and antique goodies and kept only the books I couldn't live without. I have a garment rack and a small bureau, so that my closet can be filled with assorted bins of things that I don't need to display but can't get rid of. Its a small disaster, but I am slowly (after six+ months) getting organized. 

I used to have an Ikea Expedit shelf, which was my pride and joy, but when I was tiny apartment hunting I wasn't sure I would have space for it so that had to go as well. Turns out I could have probably fit it in The Tiny Little Apt, but I can't think about that. ;) My solution to hold nearly all of my decorative items and useful ones was to purchase two tall bookcases from Target. I am lucky in that I do have very tall ceilings so I can go upwards where I can't go outwards. As you can see, they're pretty stuffed, but luckily most of my stuff is pretty!

My bed actually butts up to the next shelves down from the photo, which is why it looks so tidy - what you can't see is two more shelves down full of blankets and assorted quilting projects hidden behind my mattress and boxspring. And the cats lounging smugly on the queen sized bed that they think I kept just for them. One of my stipulations on moving to such a small space was that I refused to get rid of my big bed, although I would have much more space if I got a twin or double. A girl has to have a bit of luxury, right?

My most recent project was tackling my tiny bathroom - which has just a shower stall, no tub - a toilet and a tiny sink. No shelves. Just a towel rack. You can't really truly get a feel for just how small the room is unless you're standing in it and there is barely room to put on a pair of pants or towel off from a shower. Whenever I have company over, I hear, "you're lucky you're a small person." No room for a bookcase or shelving sitting on the floor, since that is where the litterbox is, as well as where one of the cats food dishes are. We're cramped to the gills, but I was bound and determined that I would make it look even just a little bit cute. Functional was most important. And by functional, I mean I have to have a place for all of my jewelry and makeup! So, recently I put some little nails in the wall to hang my necklaces and bracelets off of, as well as headbands that I wear more frequently. 

Earring storage was my main concern, as I wear big earrings nearly every day to work (with scrubs, what else can you do really?). No room for a rack of any kind, so I had to get creative. I had this old frame kicking around which as served a lot of purposes (clothespins holding photos etc), and decided it would be a perfect earring holder, for the dangles anyway. *(You can't quite see in the photo above, but the studs are in the tiny pink box above the sink.) You could make one of these super easily with a frame, two O hooks, and a piece of wire! Thats all it is! I just hung it on a couple of nails and I was good to go! Now I just can't buy any more earrings... ;) There was even a little bit of a lip on top to store a couple of hair clips and rings. I put one more nail next to it to hang my hair scarves on.

Shoe storage is hard. My shoes are pretty. I like to look at them since half of the year we're covered in snow here and I can't really wear them. If I didn't have so much stuff on my bookcases, I'm pretty sure I'd have shelves of heels. I do have a tiny bookcase next to the two larger ones which holds my bin of wigs and more blankets/sheets. Its just a short one infront of the window that looks out on to the front porch so the curtain is rarely open (hence the giant canvas covering it). Perfect spot for some shoes longing for spring weather! The pink patent leather heels are by Nine West and my absolute favorites. I can't wait to wear them again.... I do have a wire basket on the floor which stores the rest of my shoes, sneakers, and sandals. Boots are just haphazardly strewn all over the place by my garment rack, as its boot season and I wear them most often.

I scored a pretty sparkly top at Target last week that I had my eyes on since before the holidays. It was part of their Neiman Marcus collection and was originally $80. I can't afford that kind of money on a top, no matter how much I love it, so I waited a couple of months and got it marked down to under $25! I can't wait to wear it - I think it'd be great on a date with some skinny jeans and those nude heels in the photo above! Yow!!! I also got some fashion mags and two cute little masks which are now hanging on my bureau knobs waiting for a photo shoot or a party or something ridiculous like that.

I also recently treated myself to two new pairs of shoes, as if I don't already have enough and its already not hard enough to wear any of them due to the weather in Maine.. But I couldn't pass up a killer clearance sale at DSW. The heels are suede, and slightly crazy, but they're going to be killer with leggings. They're surprisingly comfortable, regardless of the height, because of the platforms. I'm only 5' tall, so heels suit me well. The bejwelled high top sneakers are badass, and I did wear them a couple of times before our most recent snowstorm. They actually zip on the other side to take them off and on. I'm a sucker for black leather, jewels, and high top sneakers, so all three in one was $30 well spent! 

I'd love to know some of your little organizing tricks on keeping things displayed or stored in tight spaces - being functional yet pretty is the name of the game for me. :)
See you soon!!!

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  1. As they say necessity is the mother of invention, you have come up with some great ideas.


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