Monday, December 3, 2012

The Sewing Studio - OOOhhh.. you Needle Minder!! Tutorial!!

It's no big secret that this year, I have jumped into Cross Stitch with my two feet and my wallet!!  hahaha... and one of my favorite little notions have been Needle Minders!  Now... I lOVE the super Romantic Kelmscott ones... but, I also thought that I could SOooOOOoo make these!!

and here's how I did It for some small Christmas gifts, for some lovely crafty friends...

I started with my supplies: a Pottery Barn Magazine, Glue gun, Glue sticks, Scissors, Magnets (not picured), and large glass beads... ALL AVAILABLE AT YOUR LOCAL CRAFT STORE FOR CHEAP!!

Take your Magazine and a Large Bead, moving the bead over the photo's until you find an image that you'd like... simple hugh!

Squirt a big o'l blog of hot glue onto your bead!

and Press on to your Magazine image!

Cut around your now adhered bead to remove it from the magazine!!

Then taking your Magnet and Glue gun, adhere your magnet to the back of your bead!!

and Presto!!  By adding another magnet to your bead... YOU've made a Needle Minder!!  Now you can secure all your multiple needles and threads or just simply, one to your current project!!

Hope you liked my little tutorial for your Needlework loving friends!!

Ps... you still have a quick shot at winning my Give-A-Way of Liberty Love!!


  1. Thanks for the great idea Heather! I don't have a Pottery Barn magazine, but I think I'll use some fabric cut outs for mine.

  2. So cute and so simple, but I'd surely never thought of it.

  3. You can use Diamond Glaze for the adhesive instead of hot glue - it's more expensive but it dries clear, so your image will 'pop' more... (and us scrapbookers all probably have a tube of it in a drawer anyway)

    1. WOW!! Thanks for the tip!! I didn't know that... but now, i'll be buying some SUPER quick!! :D

      X, H

  4. Wow, brilliant, this is just what I need to make!

  5. Fantastic! I need to make one of these as soon as possible!


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