Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Sewing Studio - OOhhh... i love you, so.

I've wanted to make this Pleated Pouch Pattern for just about... my entire life.  Okay, okay... maybe not quite that long... but, seriously!!... for a long ass time!!  So, when I needed to make 12 presents for my Sister Yams... I bought it!!  making 12 of anything is going to require severe cuteness, period!  I made the Tall version for them... thinking they could store "lady Products" in them, but then it turned out their Iphones fit perfectly??.. who knew?? and guess, what this adorable pattern is on SALE right now!!  Grab it up kids!!

ha!  Then magic came to my head... and then... I had to make the largest option too!!  :P

I mean how perfect is this size for holding those ADORABLE recipe cards you only want to lick in public when you see them in kitschy shops like Drygood Designs!!!  Now, when I'm at the grocery store totally not paying attention to what I should be doing... I can just whip out a double stack of cuteness and refocus!!  
Oh... yeah, this was truly needed in my land!

I'm on a mission to be a better cook in 2013 and I'm also on a mission to make it look good!!  hahaha...  Have you all already been thinking about a fresh start to something this coming new year??  This is one that only taken me... UUmmm... say 35 years to attempt, should be cake... yeah!!  LOL 

Lord, I hope I don't poison my family!

ps... KarrieLyne totally finished up my first Cross Stitch pattern!!  :D


  1. Love your work! These pouches are cuties and would make great gifts!


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