Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Dressing Room - Rock'n'Roll!

Hello, new and old friends alike, I’m super excited to be blogging to you from The Dressing Room here at House of A La Mode! When my dear far-away friend, Heather, approached me about becoming her glitz & glam guest-blogger, I was like, “uhh, duhhh!!!” …If you know me from my own blog,, you know that I dabble in all things décor, design, fashion, and craftiness. What you may not know, is just how much I dabble in these things. So, before I get to the good stuff, I want to let you know what I’m all about. Let’s get to know each other, shall we?

Who the heck are you? // 
That’s a really great question that I am still figuring out the answer to (more on this later). But, bare bones info: I’m Brooke. I’m 32 ½ (although the half years seem to mean less and less as I get older), and recently single after a very long time. I live in Portland, Maine – which is not all lobsters, moose, and flannel shirts (although, I’ve got to be honest, I own some over sized flannel shirts and there is absolutely nothing more comfy!) – Portland is actually a very artsy, foodie and fun little coastal city. I live in a one room studio apartment (the size of most people’s living room) with two cats that ignore me a lot of the time, except between the hours of 1am-3am when I’m trying to sleep. On weekends I spend most of my time as a house/dog sitter. On weekdays, I help maintain 24 operating rooms  at the largest Maine hospital as an anesthesia technician – which means I wear the least fashionable thing possible for 40 hours a week: turquoise hospital provided scrubs and a hair cap (and Crocs *shudder*; at least they’re pink). It’s what I do when I’m not at work which dramatically sets me apart from most (if not all) of my coworkers.

What kinds of things do you like? // 
Get ready for this, the list is long... Things I like: quirky manicures, a good bargain, cardigans, handmade curtains, high heels that I rarely get a chance to actually wear, skull stickers on my sewing machine, organizing the you-know-what out of pretty much everything, my Canon Rebel T1i camera, anything with glitter on it, wigs & hair extensions & hair dye (so much more about this to come), Ikea!, Target!, tattoos, yummy scented hand lotions, yummy scented candles, Adam Levine, cheap beer, high fashion & decor magazines, antique shops, anything DIY, faux fur blankets, Instagram (friend me @apriltwoeighty), Pinterest, fabric & quilting (Tula Pink & Anna Maria Horner, I’m lookin’ at you ladies!), false eyelashes and all things makeup related, music (whatever it is, turn it up loud), TV (Fringe, True Blood, American Horror Story), blah blahh blahhhh – this list could go on for days. Hang out with me here on Sundays, and I’ll dive into it and then some. I’m excited to totally girl out with you.

Living in such a small space has drastically changed the way I'll be celebrating Christmas this year; I have picked up and put together only a few decorations, which will actually probably stay up year round. Nothing says "Brooke" like hot pink Christmas lights (and I'm not sure why I never had these to begin with!). 

I realize they likely look like something out of a Katy Perry video from the sidewalk outside, but on the inside it’s a pure sassy, sexy, single-lady Christmas. With no room for a tree in here (even a table top!), I’m improvising. As much as I LOVE Christmas decorations (of which I have many stored in my parents’ basement for the time being), I am taking this year to reflect on the things that are more important to me during the holidays: family, friends, handmade gifts, a roof over my head, and small sparkle-y things. I'm having a very non-traditional, Rock'n'Roll Christmas around here!

I used this tutorial from one of my favorite blogs, Bleubird Vintage, to make this super adorable cross bunting/garland. I used black paper, but I think it would look great in any color for any season in any tiny corner of your home! It took me about an hour to make it start to finish and it quickly became one of my favorite little bits about my place. I hung it using some washi tape I picked up at Target.


I've also got some sparkle-y goodies kicking around on my shelves that I've collected for this season:

Are you getting a feel for what my tree would have looked like, if I had space for one? ;)

background leopard fabric is by Anna Maria Horner
skull ornament is from Target
glitter wired ribbon is from Walmart
glitter change purse is from Target

Lastly, the final thing I would like to share with you, is the self-done manicure I'm sporting this week. It was inspired by everything I've posted thus far - crosses & glitter!

 from left to right: 
Orly Powder Puff 40410 
Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Invisible 100
Nicole by Opi Rainbow in the S-Kylie (sparkles)
Sephora travel sized Black

Okay. I think thats more than enough for this first post! I can be long-winded, and have SOOOO much I can't wait to share. If you get a chance, let me know what your favorite quirky Christmas decoration is, or if you have anything that you keep up year round!

See you again next weekend?! 


  1. I will be tuning in every Sunday morning!

  2. So happy to see you here, Brooke! I was missing your posts. The apartment looks terrific!

  3. I have a magenta tinsel tree with lime ornaments and a green tinsel tree for the hot pink and magenta ornaments. Both have purple lights and hundreds of small clear pink balls that look like floating soap bubbles. Thinking it would look good in your nook.

    1. Oh my gosh, that all sounds incredible!!!!

  4. Lovely to meet you Brooke. This will be fun. Love the apartment and your style.

    My tree this year is going to be hung on the wall. I think I'm going to find some good sturdy wire, make a tree shape and hang it - just a little afraid the new dog will decide whatever tree I put out (fake or real) is a chew toy just for her. I'll still be able to hang my ornaments on it and lights and whatever.

  5. Nice to meet you as well, Melody! I'm happy you'll be hanging out with me

    Your wire tree sounds adorable!! What an awesome idea! If I had any wall space I would consider it, too, since it will be a great floor space saver!

  6. I follow you on Instagram, but how nice to 'meet' you here! Looking forward to your Sunday posts.

    We have a very coordinated, themed Christmas tree - from the front. On the backside, which we can see from the kitchen table, are all the special family ornaments... My glass pink flamingo, hubby's rubber duck, the ornament my daughter made in pre-school last year & many more. I love looking at that special part of the tree each morning & night as we eat.

  7. A Christmas flamingo! Perfect! :)

  8. Happy to see you here Brooke. I've followed you for a while now and think you are a perfect fit here! Loving the glitter ribbon and the nail polish!

  9. Nice to see you here! I knew right away who was blogging, but was surprised when my reader took me here! :) I'm forever jealous of your hair colors!

  10. You had me at "anything with glitter on it." Girl, bring your AMH leopard frock to Australia so we can wrap ourselves in glitter ribbons and call it a day! So glad to see you guest blogging. I love everything you're about right now!

  11. Glitter sisters!!! :) thanks for hanging out with me!!


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