Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Dressing Room - A little more glitter, this weekend.

Happy Sunday!! I was so glad to hear from all of you last weekend on my first post, the feedback was great and I'm so excited to be back here again today! I couldn't decide what to share in this post, so I'm going to continue to share a little bit of everything - keep it interesting!

Christmas is quickly approaching, and I have to admit, I have not been much in the holiday spirit this year. I've tried, and the pink string of lights has definitely helped. But, it is hard when so much is going on in the world, in our own neighborhoods, in our own homes. We all have struggles, some of them larger than others, and it can all be overwhelming at times.

For me, this is my first holiday season as a single lady in six years. I have been living by myself for six months now and it is still a bit strange. It has its ups and downs for sure, depending on the day. The best part has been that I have a chance to really take a good look at myself and become the person I want to be! As the holidays creep closer and everyone is running around shopping and wrapping and cooking, I am sitting back to reflect. On how lucky I am to have an incredible family and amazing friends with which to celebrate the joys we have!

So, while I'm on the subject of celebration, I am going to share some of my favorite holiday finds: fashion, makeup, decor, etc!... I find that the more inspired I can be, the better I feel. The more I want to dive head first into my own projects, my own closet, my own happiness!

Check out Jeni's adorable girly bottle brush trees!!! EEEEK!

original link is here, with another link to a how-to!

fancy, glittery nails?! YES PLEASE!
from Lauren Conrad's blog.

equally sparkle-y eye makeup!
This look could be easily achieved using liquid eyeliner. 
Sephora sells both black and gold! 
I own both from their own brand (the only liquid I'll use every day!).

And here is my all time favorite makeup artist, the gorgeous Lisa Eldgridge, with a perfect makeup tutorial for parties! When I can't sleep at night I study her videos. You don't have to use the exact products she uses, its easy enough to find some good substitutes in the drug store or at Sephora!
(PS. isn't her British voice so adorable?!)

Glitter dipped feathers! 
After I saw this, I wanted to dip pretty much everything I owned!
Check out the tutorial, here.

I want this skirt - badly.
With a tee-shirt?! Someone read my mind. SO COMFY and unexpected!!

I'm in the market for my own party dress...
Loving this one from Anthropologie!

Although I don't have space for lots of decorations this year, I did last year!
Here are a few of my favorites...

 I think the holidays are fun because you can go as little or as much over the top as you want.
Any amount of glitter goes!

But today, the only glitter I'm wearing, believe it or not, is in my earrings:
 My earrings, hat, tee-shirt, and spandex leggings are all from Forever21.
My hoodie is Hanes brand from Walmart.
And my boots are made by Rocket Dog.

 Also, you may have noticed my hair looks different than in last week's post.. Last week I was wearing my turquoise & black wig. Today I have in my black extensions with red accents. I hope to do a post on all of that after the holidays are over! :)

Before then, though, let me know if you're going to any fun holiday parties and what you're going to be wearing!

See you next week!


  1. I am a very minimal makeup person. I am now hooked on the Lisa Eldgridge videos! I LOVE her no makeup makeup look! I might just have to go into a Sephora for the first time....

    1. She does incredible videos for all types of styles! Her basic info is by far the most helpful!


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