Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Dressing Room - A Christmas recap!

Hello, all! Sorry I wasn't able to post last weekend, with Christmas right around the corner I was caught with a very busy weekend trying to prepare and make sure everything was ready. But, to make up for it, I want to share with you some fun stuff from my holiday. 

Before I show you all the fun things I made for family & friends, lets be real and talk about my Christmas manicure (which lasted until yesterday, surprisingly enough!) -
 Turquoise (which I grabbed accidentally in my dark apartment thinking it was more of an emerald green, and didn't realize it was "ocean" until after it had dried - whoops!), red w/red sparkles on my party nail, and a little gold dot on each one just for pizazz. As if turquoise & red need more pizazz.... 
(Also, lets not forget that I work in a hospital where I wear hospital-provided turquoise scrubs EVERY DAY, so turquoise nails just look like I'm trying too hard, but everyone seems to love that it matches so perfectly. Ha!)

So, I did a nearly handmade Christmas this year, only purchasing two gifts! Everything else (for eight people!) was totally handmade! This meant: one 6' table runner, four sets of two tea towels, two mug rugs, a lined zip pouch, and a mix cd (which was not necessarily the easiest - because it takes a certain artistry to compile the perfect mix). I decided to go mostly handmade based on lack of monetary funds, but also because I knew it would just feel good to sit down at my dusty old sewing machine which has not gotten must love in the past six months. It did feel good, and it did save my bank account, and everyone really seemed to enjoy their gifts. 


The table runner was for my BFF, who just moved into her new amazing house a couple of months ago. Every family needs a pretty table runner for their dining room! (You can see more photos of the table runner over at my blog - )

Next were patchwork tea towels for both grandmothers, my aunt, and my mother:

And how cute is my dad, who actually requested some "mug rug"s, by name! For those of you who aren't in the know, mug rugs are just XL sized coasters. He uses his in his office at work, which is so adorable since he used to hang artwork I made him in there when I was much smaller. Still taking my artwork to the office at 32! ;)

A zip pouch for a friend, with a super cutie applique patch by the talented miss charlavail -

and a mix cd for a far away friend of mine.. I didn't get a great picture of the CD itself, but as you can see I was drinking and using scissors at the same time when I was making it. You can decide for yourself if that's safe, or how amazing (or not) the artwork for the CD may have come out... 

Everything else was shine-y and glitter-y and gorgeous....

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday - did you give handmade gifts??

Next up is New Year's.. Where did 2012 go?! We're getting buried in snow here in Maine, so I don't think I'll be wearing sequins as I'd hoped - but it will make for a great time to search for more girly and unique things to blog for you.... See you next weekend, I promise!


  1. Happy New Year to you Brooke from hot, sunny Melbourne, Australia. Homemade gifts are the BEST, I love the way you did the tea towels and how lovely of your father to "request" mug rugs! Take care.....I enjoy your blogs. Annette

    1. Thanks do much Annette!! Happy new year!

  2. Where in Maine? I graduated from Lee Academy in Lee, Maine back in '93. Anyway, some handmade gifts this year, but not all. My boys wanted other things - drums, cowboy boots, Legos - so I knew handmade wouldn't go over well with them.


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