Wednesday, November 7, 2012

this is why...

this is the perfect example of why i decided to write the Pillow Pop book!!!... to examine if i like a quilt pattern and if i like the process of quilting it in a certain design.  yes... yes... they're many other reasons i ALSO like to make pillows for, but truly... YOU will know how you feel very quickly about certain processes and pillow are a great tool to learn with.

I learned that after seeing Ashley's quilt, that not only did i enjoy quilting this pillow in a Herringbone design, but also that i could commit to making it in a bigger project!!  I am super excited to pull out a WIP quilt top and start working on quilting it... since "i" feel it turned out exactly as i was hoping it would!!  :D

There are so many wonderful example of Quilting designs readily available, that i just know i'll end up with a TON of new pillows or start a QAYG project with random blocks... ( i have the itch! ) that I think this will be a great addition to my winter plans of the Farmer's Wife QAL blocks and a new obsession of mine... 
cross stitch!!

I'm currently over the moon with Anna Maria Horner's new book ( Needleworks notebook ), the Frosted Pumpkin's ( Winter Wonderland ) and these cuties that i found on an Etsy shop!!

Do you all have any big plans to get you through Winter weather??...
X, Heather


  1. i am planning on drinking a lot of gin this winter! ;) xo and doing a bit of sewing. seeing all of this cross stitching everywhere is making my fingers itch to give it a go again!

  2. i love it! that is totally a great reason to love pillows. You know, I think I might just have to make some, it's been a while!

  3. I truly love the quilting!! Did you mark?

  4. LOVE your pillow. Totally stunning!

  5. I want to start needlepointing just because I love AMH new patterns so much, also my Granny was always doing needlepoint. Maybe we can start a winter np group!

  6. Those little stitcheries are so cute! I think I need to go back to it. Haven't done much of it in years. Adorable.


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