Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Sewing Studio - Vintage Soy Candles?? Yes, please!!

I love me some Soy Candles and I REALLY love making them out of vintage glassware!!  I really wanted a touch a blue to my Thanksgiving Table setting, so when i found these beauties at the Goodwill for $1.99 each... I bought the shiz out of them!!  LOL

Then, I brought these babies home and worked my magic on them (ha! not really... all I really did was reread the directions to my candle supplies again!  LOL)

This time I did decide to use wood wicks (to build "the mood" with some crackling) and sent them with a medley of vanilla and cloves.... Yummy!!!  ;D  my house smells a-maz-ing right now!!

and Presto... a couple of funky, little additions to my table setting that should add quilt a pop!!  :P

and how GREAT is it to finish up a little project that might have... possibly... taken a year to wrap up???...  ONLY fantastically GREAT!  Hello Cutebot!!  :D

now, I can move onto my Winter Wonderland sampler without guilt!!  Man... I love me some non-guilty crafting too!!  hahaha...  I purchased all the floss here and here and the other supplies here (which is my NEW Amazon store!!)  Yep, both Shelly and I decided to put together a little supply shop where you all can grab the products that we use on this blog (or wish our pretend Sugar Daddy's would buy us, as to use them on this blog... semantics, really.)!!!  

All my Candle Supplies are on there too and it does NOT cost you a penny more to buy them from our store either!!  Hopefully, this will make it very easy on you all to find the items We're using here!!  :D

Here's to Thanksgiving Blessing and up and coming Holiday Cheer!!

Ps... I'll announce the two winners of the layer cakes on Saturday!!


  1. we had those exact glasses! Someone gave my mom a set of them in 1986. I'm not saying how old I was, or why i remember what year it was.......
    I love wood wicks, bUt i didn't know they sold them with kits! Brilliant.

  2. Thanks for sharing. The glassware you have there looks so pretty. That was a good idea of using the wood wicks, love your creation.

  3. So cute and perfect for Thanksgiving with the wood wicks and blue addition to a fall table.


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