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{Review} "Love Unrehearsed" by Tina Reber

Title:  Love Unrehearsed
Author:  Tina Reber
Publisher:  Atria Books
Publication Date:  September 14, 2012
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Format:  Kindle 1184 KB   | Paperback 448 pages

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Author's Website: http://tinareber.com/
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Synopsis from Goodreads: 
There is no rehearsal for true love.

When A-list film actor Ryan Christensen ducked into her pub to escape his screaming fans, never in a million years did Taryn Mitchell think her life was about to change forever. But now, eight months later, after a whirlwind romance, Taryn wakes up in Ryan’s Hollywood hotel room to find a diamond to die for on her left ring finger—and her face splashed across the cover of every gossip magazine.

Ryan’s very public proposal is catnip to the tabloids, his management team is worried, and Taryn must figure out how a small town girl like her fits into his glittering world. What does it take to make a relationship work amidst telephoto lenses, daily on-set temptations, and jealous fans who will stop at nothing to keep you from walking down the aisle with the man of your dreams?

With no script to follow and no chance for a dress rehearsal, Taryn and Ryan will be forced to take the plunge and risk everything to make their love last.
Diving in...
I had a couple of pretty minor complaints about the first book in this series, but none of those are present in this book.  I loved this book, it was the perfect conclusion to Ryan and Taryn's story.  This book deals a lot more with the celebrity lifestyle than the first one did.  There are a lot of parties, premieres, press junkets, etc... There is a lot more glitz and glamour in this book and a lot less drama on Taryn's end.  She is much more confident in her role as Ryan's fiancee and she has learned to trust him which is a huge thing.  I always did like her, but she was pretty awesome in this book, she really stepped up and took control of things and she proved that she has what it takes to deal with this type of lifestyle.

Ryan is the same old Ryan, which is just pretty much awesome!  He is so down to earth and confident in who he is and you just can't help but love him.  He has to make some pretty big decisions regarding his future and the people he surrounds himself with and he always seems to handle these people with a pretty level head.  There are things that happen that he has no control over and he does struggle with this, but you can see that he really wants to make things right for everyone.

Taryn has some unexpected things thrown her way in this book.  She is confronted by stalkers, grieving exes, digs up some memories from her past, learns things about her family and all the while she is trying to be a rock for her best friend to lean on.  She is always there for her friends and I think that's one of the things I really like about her.  She goes out of her way to help any of them who need it.

I don't want to give anything away so I guess I should keep this brief!  I love the supporting cast in this book especially Marie and Mike.  I know that I mentioned a spin off series in my review of Love Unscripted, but I was mistaken about the characters in the new series.  I know that it was mentioned that it would be about the brothers of one of the bodyguards and I had it in my head that it was Kyle for some reason.  I remember thinking that if he was just a jerk/stalker in the first book who would want to read a series about his family!!  Now, I realize that she was meaning Mike and I am TOTALLY fine with that.  I loved Mike and would most definitely read a series about his family, but I would really like to read more about Mike!

So, overall this was a perfect ending!  I could definitely read more about Ryan and Taryn, but this was so nicely wrapped up and really was a beautiful story.  It's well written and well edited and I didn't think it was overly long.  It was happy, it was sad, I still cared about these characters and I felt very connected to them all through the book.  I am looking forward to seeing what Ms. Reber has in store for us next.

There isn't a whole lot of profanity in this book, about the same as the first on, and it's not vulgar.  There are lots more steamy love scenes in this one as opposed to the single scene in the first book.

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