Tuesday, September 18, 2012

smart girls.

i thought i was one, until i listen to this youtube video from Amy Poehler... damn, that lady is clever.  she puts my ass to shame any day of the week and teaches me a little something too... man, i really want to hate her and hard too!! straight in her brilliant, beautiful face!  LOL  but, i can't... i cussing love her.  

she's one smart cookie.  watch this and tell me you don't smirk, shrug, and hug yourself.


i'm gonna do it... talk to myself, like i was my own daughter.  i'm gonna listen.

Ask Amy... is my new, must!  check this out... you'll never feel so good, to be you!!

X, Heather


  1. thanks so much for sharing this link Heather, I hadn't discovered Ask Amy. I have two daughters, aged 9 and 11 - we haven't yet hit body-issue-territory, but we are well into mean-girl-territory. Boo to mean girls!!

    I am going to go back and look at all the Ask Amy's. I do love her so much, from Parks and Rec (have been working in Leslie snippets to my Ron Swanson Along quilt ... slowly slowly slowly).

    thanks again, and also for your lovely blog post. see you, Cat

  2. I love your glasses - are they new?

    Will try to remember to watch the video when not at work!

  3. Brilliant advice, esp. the daughter bit. Thanks, Heather.

  4. Ask Amy cracked me up but then she's serious too, a side we don't normally see. My lesson for today? Take it bird by bird, bird by bird.
    Yeah. I'll try it.

  5. p.s. I'm on steroids right now and gained 30 pounds since March. Body image is completely in the toilet! I liked her advice about body image, but it's going to be a lot harder than that for me to feel content. I'm trying to focus on my mad editing skillz instead!

  6. Thanks for sharing Ask Amy is definitely a keeper and Boys Minute is just funny! They are so funny and then they're married to each other and having babies, they're creating a dynasty of humor.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing this. What wonderful advice. I love Amy!!

  8. I LOVE Amy! I had no idea she had this series:-D Thanks!


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