Wednesday, September 12, 2012

it's about damn time!

even though it is currently 85' degrees out, it's technically Autumn in my head!  my boy's have successfully transitioned into both of their new schools and our in a nice, soothing, predictable routine!  praise the lord!  i even dusted off the o'le girl and sewed a little something today... who knew i even remembered how??  :P

i'm pretty excited about this addition to John's Traveling Quilt!!  this is a free pattern put out by Anna Maria Horner ( Love. Emblem ) from her Innocent Crush days and since i was with John at market drooling over her examples of it... i thought it fitting!  i'm definitely going to make another one for a new pillow top for me!!

i decided on paper piecing mine with freezer paper, so i could reuse the templates that are needed!  plus, that way i could fussing cut mine around to add a more scrappy feel to it.

now they're set aside with her pattern ready for another!  maybe in fall colors for my home??  OOOooohh... to match my new hair color maybe??!  

LOL  gotta support the seasons, right!!  :P

X, Heather


  1. Yay, you're back! Love the block, but no talking about it still being warm. I had to wear gloves walking the dog today and I felt like a complete nerd. I may not love the heat but the idea that it's going to be cold soon almost makes me cry!

  2. Loving the new hair colour and the block is super cool. Glad you're back too :)

  3. Great block and loving the hair colour on you.

    I just found your blog via Flikr. I don't know how I missed you until now. I absolutely love your makes. Off to nosey around the rest of your gorgeous blog.

  4. Love the star block! It's still warm here, but the humidity has dropped, and we're grateful for that. :)

  5. Love the block how big is it? Sewing is like riding a bike you just jumped right back on!

  6. your awesomeness amazes me! and i love the new color. makes me want to go dark too! xo

  7. Love the block. Its great that the kids are back into school. I was so happy to have mine go back. I have not yet tried paper piecing but yours makes me want to give it a try.


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