Monday, September 17, 2012

i lOVE football!

it is the one sport season that once begins in my house, allows me to sew endlessly while entertaining all my boys!  now,  this can not NOT be my favorite sport... all things considering!  LOL  and eh, correct me if i am wrong here, but isn't playing sports supposed to be about fun??... because i sure as hell know i'm having a good damn time at my place!!  GOOoOOo "Any Team on Any Day or Time"!!  Game ON!  :P 

my sewing room is brimming over with autumn crafts!  i found my delish Blue Autumn Chevron Quilt blocks and started sewing those puppies up and i started a new QAL for a fab new Halloween quilt!  You can find out all the deets about this Quilt-A-Long over at Katy's blog and it's a free pattern... so, get your booties mov'in, it's a good one!  :D

Okay... i'm off!  i gotta two beauties to wrap up!!  LOL
X, Heather


  1. I know what you're saying... Football is okay I guess but basketball beats it ;) That's the game that keeps my boys glued in front of the tv and give me time to do my own stuff.

  2. Hi Heather,

    what a nice and welcoming sewing room! Love the curtains and it looks very peaceful. I am planning to turn my spare bedroom in a sewing/guest room so it is always very inspiring to see other people spaces.


  3. what a beautiful sewing space my dear! go team! xo


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