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{Review} "Through the Door" by Jodi McIsaac

Title:  Through The Door
Author: Jodi McIsaac
Publisher:  Inkwood Publishing
Publication Date:  June 19, 2012
Genre:  Paranormal Romance
Format:  Kindle 561 KB  |  Paperback 306 pages

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Author's Website:   http://www.jodimcisaac/
Author's Goodreads Profile:  Jodi McIsaac

Synopsis from Goodreads:
Cedar McLeod lives an ordinary but lonely life, raising her six-year-old daughter Eden on her own while trying to balance the demands of her career and the expectations of her mother. Everything seems normal until the day Eden opens her bedroom door and finds herself half a world away – and then goes missing. Suddenly, Cedar realizes her daughter is anything but normal. 

In a desperate search for answers, Cedar tries to track down Eden’s father, who mysteriously disappeared from her life before Eden was born. What she discovers is far beyond anything she could have imagined. As she joins unlikely allies in the hunt for her daughter, Cedar becomes torn between two worlds: the one she thought she knew, and one where ancient myths are real, the stakes are impossibly high, and only the deepest love will survive.
Diving in...

I don't normally see a book trailer that I really like, but this one is just really, really well done and it's perfect for the book and it just happened to be done yesterday so it was perfect for me to post with my review! 

I really loved this book!  I am not going to try to summarize it, because the synopsis is perfect.  It's exactly what a synopsis should be, in fact.  I am also going to keep this spoiler free so this may be a short review, but in this case it's not a bad thing at all.

I was pulled into the story immediately and I couldn't put it down.  It didn't take me long to finish this book and I will be anxiously waiting for the next book in the trilogy to come out.  I am a sucker for any kind of story with Celtic lore in it.  I always have been drawn to it ever since I started reading Nora Roberts Celtic Trilogies over 10 years ago.  The world that Jodi has started to build in the series is a fresh new take, at least for me.  She does such a wonderful job with her descriptions that you are pulled right into the story along with Cedar.

I would be hard-pressed to tell you which character is my favorite.  I think that I would have to say Eden, she really steals the story.  She is such a sweet girl and I can't wait to see how she grows as the trilogy continues.  I don't really think of this as a love story, there are elements of a love story in it, but it's more centered on the "fae" aspect.  They aren't called fae in the series, that's just how I tend to classify them since it's easier to say that Tuatha De Dannan!  

This book has a nice pace to it, there is a lot of action, but it's not all action from the get go.  It has a good balance and well thought out plot and pacing.  Reading this, I would never have guessed that this is Jodi's first book.  The characters are also very well developed and were very real to me as I was reading.  I was sad when they were sad, happy when they were happy, etc...

Overall, I really loved it, just in case that wasn't clear!  It's always a treat to come across the start of a new series like this.  Especially one from a new author.  This isn't one of those underdeveloped, poorly edited releases that have become so common since Amazon publishing has become so accessible.  Don't let the lower eBook price fool you!  

I recommend this book to anyone who likes a good paranormal read, especially if you like Celtic Lore.  I am sure that when the 2nd book is released I will be re-reading this one to prepare for it.

There are really no content concerns in this book.  If there was any profanity, I honestly don't remember it.  There were a few kissing scenes, but anything heavier than that was done in a "cut to next scene" way.  There is some blood and stuff relating to druid rituals and some fighting, but nothing too dark.

Rating 9/10

*Disclaimer:  I was provided with a copy of this book courtesy of the author in exchange for my honest review.*

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