Thursday, May 24, 2012


Whoooo.... when the boy toy goes out of town, things get a bit naughty over here!!  hahaha...  i had to... HAD TOO work more on my Nightshade quilt after being able to lay in bed for the past few days reading Discovery of Witches and some other examples of light reading for proper married ladies!!....  ;)

what... it's not just me!!  and yep,... i even play with this lovely group of lady friends who also, enjoy the reading of the educational/ saucy literature verity.  i was super excited that our Sensi/ Book Whisperer "Shelly" even started this new fabulous blog giving reviews of what we've been up too!  LOL   When she say's, " Read!"... you READ!  LOL  you should definitely check it out... if you're not of the faint of heart.
 ( wink,wink ) 

Okay, okay... back to sewing... (insert stern voice here.)  yes, i can tell that i'm going to truly love this quilt and continue to work on it patiently (that's so, not like me!).  but,  i really want a clean, yet dramatic feel to it and taking my time... will definitely improve my choices. (remove stern voice.)
some quilts need to be felt up a little more than others, right!!  :P

OOOhhh... and on the new Vegan diet/ lifestyle change... it's still going strong!  i have NEVER felt younger in spirit, had more energy, or lost some lbs without even trying!  seriously... who knew??  ;D  My whole family has calmed, centered on priorities, and became incredibly grounded in everyday life moments.  I really can't imagine going back to my old lifestyle now.  i feel really blessed to have just given it a go!

Thank YOU all for the great ideas on how to keep this momentum moving forward with all the recipe ideas!!  i can't believe how many i'm going to use!!  we're very lucky for your comments!! seriously!  :D

the winner of Geared for Guys is:

 ~Michelle~ said...

My guy LOVES stuffed peppers! We make with quinoa when we're feeling the need to pack a protein punch!


  1. Oh sweetness, so happy to get my paws on this book! (but do I have to tell my hubster that I have a man quilt book?? he might start in on me to actually make him something!)

    And on a totally different note - you should share some vegan recipes on occasion! I'm totally a meat eater, but I usually go vegetarian for a few meals a week (there's just something about being on the West Coast that makes this easier, ya know?). I think a lot of people don't realize how easy it is to make that small change, and how delicious food can still be!

  2. Was trying to resist Night Shade but your quilt and the way it's put together is making me reconsider getting it because I am loving your blocks!!! Great job.

  3. you look adorable and soo thin! love your nightshade blocks. can't wait to see what it becomes.

  4. Just really love what you're doing with nightshade! The vegan thing is wonderful. At first I thought it would be so restrictive, but now I know it's just the opposite. I still get lots of comments from my friends and I just look at them and think "you just don't really know what you're putting in your body". I'm still waiting for a fabric delivery before I can cut into my nightshade. I'm able to stave off my Tula craving with your wonderful blocks! :-)

  5. Read Bared to You by Sylvia Day. :)

  6. I read that one after your 50 Shades recommendations. :)
    You might like the Crossfire series and I just finished A Beautiful Disaster which I really liked too.

  7. I'm glad that the lifestyle change is working for you! It is so helpful when you see results right away to stick with it.

  8. Thanks Heather for the heads up regarding Shelly's blog...I can't believe I missed that. Her recommendations are always spot on for me. Have to check out your latest as well!!


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