Thursday, May 31, 2012

summer time distractions!

can i just say... that come summer time, i totally don't want to sew!  well, that's not completely true... i do, if it's for my home.  every summer without fail my heart turns to thrifting and garage sales and even though it's just now coming into the season... i'm already at that place again with my interests!  and i'm already seeing my trend.

i can NOT get enough of painted art!  i'm not interested in "prints"... they MUST be painted and i NEED them all!!  hahaha... i feel like i have won the lottery every time i find someones work buried and waiting for me to bring it home to display it all over again!!  in fact, i'm quite sure that i'll be on the hunt after this post!

damn... i love me some art!!!

i also found this darling pair for my bathroom that i'm currently redecorating into a romantic seaside theme...

i'm going to make my shower curtain to embrace my new concept with a bunch of warm colors & text prints scraps!!  very improv!  we'll see where it goes!!  LOL  

plus, you never know what else may be hung in here!!  :P

i blame my darling boy toy after he took me to my favorite store, Anthropologie, this past week (know wonder i'm on a re-design kick!) and treated me to this fab Pantone Tangerine fedora-ish hat!  he knows... i lOVE me a good hat!!  :D  now i'm feeling all... "let's pimp our house!!"  bwahahahaha...

Are you all doing any remodeling this summer???  i've been filling UP my Pinterest boards with ideas...  i could mess with my house... well, indefinitely!  hahaha

X, Heather

ps... my saucy friend Kaye is doing a Give-A-Way for my Blogger Bundle!!  POP over and enter her's and the Jolly Jabbers!!!!!  :D


  1. I have plans, but no money. My hubby and I were just daydreaming about extending our porch so that it wraps around to become a verandah outside our bedroom. Oh, you'd never get me off the porch if we did that! And my dining room needs to be repainted. And we have wallpaper that needs to come down. And I'd love to put a daybed in my sewing room, not just a place to audition my quilts, but also a place to just chill. With more time and more money, I'd be all over a redecorating summer!

  2. I love the quilt shot and your love for anthro. I'm making a wedding quilt for a great friend. She loves Anthro so I'm using Anna Maria Horner and lots of white. Do you think I'm on track? I feel like AMH has that look.

  3. I love the two you put in your bathroom! I never find paintings that I like at thrift stores, only prints/maps. If I do find paintings they are usually really expensive or really small. Lucky you!

  4. I so love your new art! I never find cool things like that... But I won't quit hunting!

  5. I wish I could paint like the ones you have purchased. I dabble with abstract which has really got to call to a
    would love your opinion


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