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{Review} "Night of the Huntress" by Kathryn Smith

Title:  Be Mine Tonight (Brotherhood of Blood #2)
Author:  Kathryn Smith
Publisher:   HarperCollins eBooks
Publication Date:  January 30, 2007
Genre:  Paranormal Romance, Vampire
Format:  Kindle, 232 KB

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Author's Goodreads Profile:  Kathryn Smith

Synopsis from Goodreads  
Bishop has been a vampire for 700 years and though he wishes nothing more than to live his life in peace, getting humans to believe that vampires are not monsters is a difficult task, and vampire hunters like The Reaper make it even more difficult.
Believing that a vampire killed her mother, Marika leads a band of vigilantes, determined to rid the world of these monsters. What no one knows is that Irina herself is half–vampire. Determined to deny that side of her, Marika captures Bishop, believing he can lead her to the vampire responsible for her mother's death. But over the course of Bishop's captivity, secrets about Marika's past are revealed and she soon learns that what she has always believed to be true is anything but. Now Irina and Bishop are in a race against time as they fight for their lives––and their love.
Diving in...
I enjoyed this book more than I did the first one.  I felt like this one had more going on it it.  We get a little more of the background on the Templars.  Bishop is another of the original Templars who was turned with the Blood Grail.  He is in Romania to search for missing Shadow Creatures, this also happens to be where his home was over 600 years ago.  He is visiting the site of his former home when he is captured by The Reaper.

Marika is The Reaper, she and her band of vigilantes from the village have been slaying vampires and Bishop thinks that they are responsible for his missing friends. Marika has always believed that a vampire killed her mother so she believes all vampires are evil. She is on a mission to kill as many of them as she can until she finds the one who killed her mother.  We find out that Marika has her own secret that ends up conflicting with her mission as she comes to terms with it.

Marika is hired to capture Bishop by a man who works for the religious order that is after the Blood Grail.  She knows that Bishop can tell her where Saint then she is has to turn him over to the men that paid her.  The more time she spends with him the more she starts questioning her belief that all vampires are evil.

Marika's world and all her beliefs are turned upside down by Bishop.  Their love story was so fun to read, I thought.  They fight like crazy for awhile, but they can't deny that they are meant to be together.  This is at it's heart a romance novel, but there is a lot of action.  This story also furthers the end game as far as the other Templars and the Order go.  We get a little more insight into what the order is doing with the creatures that they capture.  There is quite a bit of action in this book.

This one actually overlaps the 1st book a little and Marcus and the priest from book 1 show up at the end for a bit. Like the other book this one is a little predictable, but the story itself is better, in my opinion. I think that these books are very well written.  Only a little profanity in this one and some very steamy love scenes.

Rating 7/10

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