Monday, May 14, 2012

Portland Commute.

now, i will be the very first to admit that though i've had every intention of sewing all day long/ every day.... creating lots O' fabulous crap for myself ( and possibly others??? )... with my families new diet change, i've gotten a bit off track.  : /   So... i was more than excited to finish up a quilt today!  this lovely will be on it's way to the Birch booth for display at the International Quilt market, showcasing their Commute line by Jay Cyn.

I really had a blast creating this design based off of Commute's adorable Dandelion print with all their random cuteness!!  I played off of my Spiderweb tutorial; using varying sizes and placement of the beginning print in each of the blooms.  they turned out super funky.... just like Portland!

and of course i sent this slice of heaven to Angela for her magic machine work over!!  all i asked is that she exaggerate my blooms and it must have my hometown quilted into it!  she's always spot on!!  :D  now, it's all packed up for the post office tomorrow in the CUTEST bag ever, that i received from Miss Penny!

I mean... holy shit right!??  She should totally sell these puppies!!!  ;P

now on to my next project... and i have a small feeling, that i'll have plenty to choose from!  hahahaha....

OOohhh... and PS... my Fat Quarter Blogger Bundle was so bloody good when it arrived... i ordered another and some half yards too!!  LOL

Hope you all had a fabulous Mother's Day!!

X, Heather


  1. I love reading your post. You make me lol. You are so right. That quilt is sooooooooooo!!!, there are no word. The quilting detail just put's it over the top.

  2. Your Portland Commute is smashing my dear! I wish it happy travels!

  3. Beautiful!!! The quilting is fabulous! Smiles~Beth

  4. I squealed a little bit when I saw it come up on Angela's blog and just love it now that it's finished. It's absolutely gorgeous.

    Now, I just have to come up with a brilliant plan to steal it... :-)

  5. Very pretty! How is the diet change going? I watched two of the movies you posted and it changed the way I shop.

  6. The quilting really makes your quilt shine! And Penny's bag, what a great gift!

  7. Lovely quilt, the quilting is adorable!.


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