Thursday, May 17, 2012

Island time.

i don't know when i moved from the fast paced energy of the Pacific Northwest to Island time... but, it happened!  my suspicion weighs heavily on my new diet lifestyle.  i simply don't have the luxury of running around like a chicken with it's head cut off, because if i do and get hungry.... what the hell am i going to eat??  so, instead i choose where i go when i leave my house much more carefully than ever before.  Screwing around at Ikea, while the boys are in school and then grabbing a bite to eat there if i feel like it... is just not a viable option when your Vegan ( well, it could be... i don't know for sure or anything, still too chicken shit to try though!  my hunger could Road Rage someone to death if left unattended, let's keep it real.) LOL   and you know what... i lOVE how this boundary has left me prioritizing my time.  

now, i spend my "screwing around time" on projects that actually have value.  who knew that going into Whole Foods could be fun???... not this girl!  but, i seriously look forward to my trips there now that i'm cooking food that i'm proud to serve to my family.  i have even dipped into the ( Hippy-Redbull ) addiction called Kombucha.  WTH???... and i friggin lOVE it!  i want to claim i'm loosing my mind, but in all seriousness... i've never felt better!

i've also slowed my roll when it comes to multiple sewing projects!  my dear friend Jen... thankfully relieved me of garbage bags of WIPs and scraps to help save my sanity!  THANK YOU JEN!!!  Mwah!!!  now, i'm being choosy... i only have so much time i'm willing to spare from my diet and exercise daily.

yesterday it was enough to make two 12" blocks out of my Blogger Bundle fabrics... but i love them so much and can't wait to build another couple!  :D  especially, considering more fabric arrived today for it!!

here's to another... really good day!!  

xo, Heather


  1. I know exactly how you feel! :) Whole foods is amazing to just walk around, I shop there every week and it really makes eating healthy so much easier (I'm vegan too). I haven't tried the kombucha yet but I'm picking one up on my next visit, thanks for the tip.

  2. Love love love your positive energy!

  3. Those are great blocks! Ya, and sometimes I consider making my own kombucha but then I'd be more aware of how yucky it is, so I'll just keep buying bottled ;)

  4. I get in serious trouble at Whole Foods, as I can't have cows milk and they have lots of goats milk products...icecream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. You also should try drinking Mama Chia. It comes in a few amazing flavors and the chis seeds are like hippie crack that keeps you going all day. I'm a chia addict but I started with that drink, read the back of it, it is AMAZING for you!

  6. I love that Nightshade fabric. We have Vitamin Cottage here, they are extremely picky about the foods they sell and the prices are better than Whole Foods. I can barely walk out of that place without dropping a C-note!

  7. Glad to have helped! Almost done with another one of the projects....


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