Thursday, May 10, 2012

EEEeeeepP!! It's Available!!!

i can NOT ever explain to you all how much i have wanted a bitchin Halloween quilt, so when i saw Tula Pink's newest fabric line Nightshade... i just KNEW it was meant for me!!  and then when the Fat Quarter Shop asked me to make a fat quarter blogger bundle for them... i REALLY knew which fabrics, i wanted to showcase in it!!

This is soooOOOOoo ME!  Saucy/ Haunted Old Man Study Chic!!  the minute this baby lands on my doorstep it is so getting cut UP!!  YES!!  :D

My Mother's Day weekend is starting off with a bang!!  this must be one hell of a good sign!!  

now... who wants to play with me??!!  :D

x, Heather


  1. I love it to. Cant wait to see what you make with it. Happy Early Mother's Day.

  2. oh my....loving this bundle. There are not enough "bitchin Halloween quilts" out there in my opinion. Nightshade is awesome....will have to get me some myself soon...I hope *smile*

  3. Will be watching to see what you do with that delicious bundle of fabrics.

  4. can't wait to see what you do with this fabric - mine will take a little longer in the mail so I'll have time for you to inspire me :)

  5. It's a pretty interesting line and not too "Halloweeny". Reminds me more of Tim Burton than jack-o'lanterns and no troublesome to work into your decor colours.

    Cant wait to see your quilt!

  6. totally love your bundle... that sounds a little dirty! ;)


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