Monday, April 30, 2012

What I am reading now...

Just a quick post to let you know what I am reading now.  I am on the 4th book of this series, they are going pretty quickly so I think I am going to review the series as a whole when I finish the 5th book instead of doing a separate post for each book.  It's the Brotherhood of Blood series by Kathryn Smith.

The new Sookie Stackhouse is coming out tomorrow too, so I will probably be dropping these to read that one tomorrow so watch for that review coming soon as well!

Until then...Happy Reading!!


  1. I've read this series, and I remember it being pretty good! And yay for a new Sookie book, I gotta finish the 3rd Fifty Shades book first though! I started the series Saturday night and can't stop reading, I am totally addicted!!

    1. That Fifty Shades series ruined me for awhile, I couldn't find anything I liked as well and it took me a long time to move on!!


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