Thursday, April 12, 2012

Union Jack - A La Summersville!

i've wanted something Union Jack-a-licious forEVER!... and being that Miss Lu is from England, this design just felt right to me! i looked around a bit online to find an easy tutorial to make this popular design, but didn't have much luck... so i made my own up??... who knows, maybe someone will want to play with me!!?? hehehe...

this is a terribly simple design! i used the String Block method, which you can find here if you are unfamiliar with it!! and then i grabbed up 4 pieces of computer paper and cut them down to 8.5" x 7.5"!

i marked each of my 4 rectangles at 1" square on two opposite corners of each rectangle, then connected the marks. that left me with a 1.5", centered guide to adhere my fabric too!

my four center strips are 1.5" and their solid boards are 1.25".

after, I'd constructed all four of my rectangle string blocks, i removed the paper and separated them into a right side & left hand side pair. next, i added a 2.5" X 8.5" piece of red sashing to each pair. then finally, i sewed the center strip of red sashing... 2.5" X 16" piece to join the two sides and trimmed the block down to 15.5" x 17.5". easy peasy!

you could use this block as a kick off to a quilt or sash it again with an outside boarder (like myself) and make a new British invasion pillow!!
 mine's a 20" x 20"!!

now that i know how quick and painless this quilt block design is, i'll probably want it in a quilt version!! i mean... they are really fab!!

See ya tomorrow for the Aurifil winner... i'm off for a Yam night!!

X, Heather


  1. My 12 year old is very in to all things foreign, and I told her I could make her a quilt with British flags on them. She was very excited. That was a while ago. I haven't seen a tut on this block either. I just showed her a pic of yours and she exclaimed "OH, I want one!" Thanks for the tut!

  2. great pillow! And thanks for the how-to. I'm planning a Union Jack project for the near future, this looks very simple & will be big help :) thanks!

  3. Oh my, this seems much easier than my own hit and seam-ripping effort. If I make another union jack, I will keep this in mind. Good job!

  4. well, look at you!! i love this! pinning!


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