Monday, April 16, 2012

Sew,Mama, Sew! presents... Fat Quarter Idol!!

okay... how fun is THIS!??? and yes, i am a judge!! when i was making Rag quilts on Etsy, even though i made over 700 easily with sales, shops and wholesalers... i never ONCE repeated a fabric combination. ever. each piece was a true "one of a kind", so i am extremely excited to see which fabric combinations are going to be created from all of you guys!! and my darling friend Kaye is judging with me!! can it get any better for me... yeah, no i don't really think so ( well unless, i got to keep all of your creations!! ) hahaha...!! :D

i made this one today using this weeks theme... Sweet Child of Mine!! i went with a sweet sailor palette... and no, i can't vote for myself!! LOL

here's the rules kids!! it's super easy and fun!! ;D

and for the lucky-duck winners on the Aurifil give-a-way!! ( and, yeah... i decided on two of you! ) contact me with your info and i'll get your goodies out to ya!! xoxoxox

Sarah Witherby said...
Lovely bunch of staples! Thank you for the chance to win some lovely thread!

April 9, 2012 2:32 PM

epban said...
What great mail you have, my dear!!
I'm still waiting to try some Aurifil and become addicted...thanks for the chance to win some!

April 9, 2012 6:06 PM

Congrats girls!!!

and after a LOT of You Tube videos and listening to all of your guys comments on my last post, which i would lOVE to THANK all of you for!! i picked up this new beauty this weekend to help to gain more Veggies & Fruits into my families diet!!

I'm super excited about it and know it will really get us moving in the right direction!! so, in the spirit of this new week, this is my plan...

X, Heather


  1. oh yippeee! I won some wonderful Aurifil. Thank you sooo much! You really don't know how much I can't afford to buy stuff at the moment, so this is just wonderful.

    Fat Quarter Idol looks fantastic! your choices rock!

    I love combining fabrics so I'll have to join in ... (In fact I'm really good at combining, just not so good at actually sewing it all together! LOL)

    I'll email you my deets and thank you again!

  2. loved seeing your board! funny, i didn't see it before making up mine... but we must be the same wave length.... chose some of the exact same fabrics. :)

    such a fun contest!

  3. Today I am home after oral surgery and watching documentaries on netflix. I saw one called Fresh that was super inspiring. You would benefit greatly from seeing it! I have also seen Fat, Sick and Food inc. Consequently I'm not a fan of mainstream chicken anymore. I am an urban gardener, a composter, and a juicer. My juicer also came with some recipes for carrot bread which is fabulous. I highly suggest finding uses for some of the pulp. And don't get me started on the power of Chia seeds. Good luck on your healthy endeavors, and keep rocking out the bad ass modern quilt stuff. You are my quilty blog imaginary girlfriend, which is funny because I'm married to a dude!

  4. Thanks for picking me! So excited to try some Aurifil. Sent an email!
    Looking forward to FQ Idol...sounds like a lot of fun!


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