Monday, March 19, 2012

a winner and a method to my madness!! :P

Okay... ya big winner... I will say, the competition was rich and it was more than a close race... but, i think i spit my coffee out on my laptop on this one!
( and yeah.. it helped a bunch... that i read it, as if i actually had an Irish accent! )

RenegadeQuilter said...
So here is a joke that I hope makes you laugh.

John O'Reilly hoisted his beer and said, "Here's to spending the rest of
me life, between the legs of me wife!"

That won him the top prize at the pub for the best toast of the night!

He went home and told his wife, Mary, "I won the prize for the Best
toast of the night."

She said, "Aye, did ye now. And what was your toast?"

John said, "Here's to spending the rest of me life, sitting in church
beside me wife."

"Oh, that is very nice indeed, John!" Mary said.

The next day, Mary ran into one of John's drinking buddies on the street
corner. The man chuckled leeringly and said, "John won the prize the
other night at the pub with a toast about you, Mary."

She said, "Aye, he told me, and I was a bit surprised myself. You know,
he's only been in there twice in the last four years. Once he fell
asleep, and the other time I had to pull him by the ears to make him

Hope your laughing
renegadequilter at hotmail dot com

Contact me with your info!! :D Congrats!... THAT was good!! :P

SooOoo...  thought i'd write about something that's been on my mind lately..

Why do you sew??? Good question, yeah??... I started sewing to relieve stress and find myself a little… Heather time. Not Mom or Wife time, but for my… greedy, little self kinda time! First… I just really wanted to learn something new, eh… something mine.  That I didn’t want or have to share with anyone. Something that took me away from my everyday life struggles and kept my mind off other things besides the newest and greatest medical advice… call it a coping mechanism to raising a child with Autism, but then… it kinda changed…?? Who knew?? Shocked the hell out of me!  and i'm just too pleased about it too!!  ;D

I’ve had a… few requests asking me to explain my sewing process. And all I could honestly think each time I received one of these emails was, HHhmmm… damn good question, really! LOL  Although, I don’t honestly think I have one. Now, mind you I realize how ridiculous that sounds considering I’ve been blessed with beloved friendships of some of the most amazing, diligent artists in this industry and I also realize that for whatever crazy-ass reason they dig what I do, but it’s true all the same. And yeah… many O’h days… I’m more than convinced they’re going to finally figure out what a poser I truly am! hahaha...

And then… it dawns on me, they must like it when I cuss at them! LOL just kidding (kind of!) :P Honestly though… this is my process. Legitimately… no bullshit.

- I get ready each morning, like I’m going to run into some old  high school friend that I haven’t seen in like 15 years. YOU, really do need to look your best, get’s you in the right mindset! I can’t be me in pajamas… it's just too comfortable for my manic personality.

- After I drop my boys off at school, I drink another cup of coffee (downed THAT first cup... just trying to wake up to fight another day !), surf the web for a minute and regard all my amazing peer's work, and then I turn UP the radio. Loud, not easy on the neighbors loud, but scream sing LOUD! 
(boy toy bought me a bigg’in!)

- I focus on one project and that person who it’ll be for, and close my eyes… letting my music take me away. I feel it… period. The words, the rhythm, the beat… then I sing and dance to it  in the comfort of my mind. Till, I have goose bumps! Truth.

- Then I pull fabrics, cut those bastards up and re-sew them together. One block at a time. Always. Every block has an identity, a perspective on my feelings while I built it. Hump… kinda sappy actually, but real.

Yeah… I'm cool with my crazy. I know this is not the norm… but, I’m really not interested in being the norm. I’m interested in being me… and I have to feel my art, before and during the time that I’m making it. It is my treasured hobby, my escape… I would never tarnish it by being half-ass toward it's construction, but if it doesn’t hold any emotions… then it’s just empty to me.  period.

Meh… there it is kids…ha!  why do you sew?? I’d love to know!! You can tell a sista!! :P
X, Heather


  1. Be yourself everyone else is taken. You rock!~

  2. Great post Heather, love your honesty. I sew to escape the daily drudge of life with ill health and a poorly child. Most days it works just fine but other days if I'm honest it's half-assed. I think I need to learn to step away from the fabric on those half assed days! I also need to learn not to care what other people think of what I create. Most of what I make I love and surely that's all that matters ;-)

  3. Love that quilt top! So fresh, clean and modern with such nice line..can't wait to see it finished.

  4. okay, i really wanted to win that fabric, but that was pretty funny, and definitely deserved to win. :)

    i got into sewing for kind of the same reason. i just had my second baby, and i just felt like i had nothing really to do, except raise kids. that's challenging enough, but sometimes you just need something...else! i tried other crafty things (scrapbooking, making cards, etc.), but they never took. with sewing, i started out with aprons, camera straps, blankets, burp cloths...things like that.

    then, i discovered quilting - which i wasn't even interested in doing! my friend invited me to a LAMQG meeting, because she knew i was getting into sewing. i reluctantly went, but came back a quilter. it seriously changed my life!

    that was two years ago in may, and i've never looked back.

  5. I think I started sewing in earnest when I had my first son. My husband and I used to go out ALL THE TIME, but with a baby, that changed. (We still go out, of course, but it went from 3x a week to 1x a week.) I am a busy body, so I have trouble just sitting around in the evening watching tv or reading. So, I started sewing every once in a while in the evenings. Now, I find that the process/the creating is something I need to be happy. Like food and exercise etc etc. It really is such a blessing to have this online community full of great support.

    I loved hearing about your routine!

  6. I sew 'cause it kinda keeps me sane...and not smoking!! It satisfies my 'artistic' soul...Keep up the good stuff--love your work/blog! :-)

  7. I love to sew, started young but have kept it up over the years because I love it. I will say that if there is no emotion in it then I don't enjoy it and stop. And for now it has become my escape while my other normal activities are on hold. So it seems that sewing has taken a front seat lately.

  8. Love this post!
    I sew to keep sane, true! It's my time (said Goonies style) and I get such satisfaction from producing stuff. I'm filled with pride even when it's crap because I made it!

  9. Thanks for the morning laugh! Your method may be unconventional but it certainly works for you. I love seeing your quilts.

  10. It's nice to be comfortable in our own skin. (ok, I'd be more comfortable 20 lbs lighter but you get the idea). And that's the thing I love most about your work Heather, both your fabulous crafts and your blog!

  11. Love the joke!
    Turn the music down a little and put me in a big ol robe and I work the same way. One project at a time with specific people or fabric/vibe in mind. I love hearing about people's work process thanks for sharing sista!

  12. I SO totally get the music thing... and appreciate who you are. Stay true, Heather!

  13. That joke was HILARIOUS. Seriously. I almost spit my coffee on my computer, and I'm not drinking any (have only had one frap in the last 2 me funny heart things...that aren't 120 bpm when sitting around relaxed...)!

    Anyways, I have a teensy question for you...can you not do half of your post in white text? I use a feed reader to read your blog (as I'm sure many do) and it doesn't load the background of your blog (which I must say is a nice shade of teal) and so it seems like half of the post didn't load!

  14. Eu venho de uma família de costureiras e artesãs.Comecei aos 12 fazendo crochê,e outros artesanatos pequenos.Em 2002 meu marido sofreu um acidente(caiu de um andaime na obra,ele é construtor civil)e teve um achatamento da oitava vértebra cervical,o médico disse que tinha que ficar de repouso absoluto por 180 dias,eu acreditei na mentira dele.Fui em uma confecção e comprei alguns kilos de sucatas e comecei com almofadas,vendas tinha que ser rápida,ele era o único provedor da família com três filhas,que só estudavam.Duas das meninas começaram a trabalhar durante o dia e estudar a noite.Tudo apavoradamente rápido,Em uma semana ,corri atrás de lojas de decoração oferecendo minhas lindas almofadas,tinha uma dúzia e a dona da loja gostou e me disse que queria exclusividade.Hoje vendo muito pouco para outras pessoas.E o meu marido GRAÇAS A MINHA NOSSA SENHORA DESATADORA DOS NÓS,depois de 21 dias imobilizado,saiu do hospital sem colete ortopédico e andando normalmente,sem sequélas.Ele está bem,continua trabalhando e euzinha ganhei minha independência fenanceira,não é muito mas é meu.Beijos e obrigada .Sigo a risca um ditado:se vida te der um limão...faça uma limonada.Eu consigo fazer dos meus limões uma mousse de maracujá.Fique com DEUS e muitas BENÇÃ

  15. Não sei onde foi parar meu comentário,sumiu...Gostei de saber música alta,meus vizinhos aqui chamariam a polí

  16. I checked in today to see who was the winner (great joke btw) but ended up sitting here contemplating your question. Cuz I don't think anyone has ever asked that before. Why do I sew? I had to think about it for awhile to really come to the heart of it and I think the basic truth is that I sew because it's ME. It is so much a part of me that I don't know if I could be the same if I couldn't do it anymore. If I couldn't read anymore, I could listen to audiobooks, etc to make up the lack. But NOT sewing would kill me. It is my escape, it is my passion, it is who I am. And I am totally cool with that. I sew therefore I am :)

    Great question! I love reading your blog cuz you keep it real. And in times with so much bullsh*t, real is a welcome and inspiring change. Thanks :)


  17. Pretty damn good method if you ask me.

  18. Okay, that joke was really funny and I read it Irish Style too...makes it even funnier!
    I started sewing at age 12 or so...they used to actually teach it in school. I sewed more in high school and then when I had a baby girl and sewed for her and then her little sister and myself. I had a son and never sewed him one thing. I got into quilting with a girlfriend. I talked her into going to the class...she is a master artist and quilter. I make little things and a lot of baby blankets. I love my makes me happy and takes care of that creating itch. Since I found flickr my sewing has changed into a much more modern style and I love it more than ever!

  19. Great post Heather. I always look forward to your blog! It’s so fun. So, I got into sewing when my kiddos were babies. I was a fine arts major in college, got married young, and when you have babies, you can’t paint and draw… well, at least I couldn’t! So, I started cross stitching, which was nice, it kept my hands busy. Then my friend’s mom introduced me to quilting, she had a huge sewing room with amazing quilts and colors and it blew me away, I had no clue you could make a quilt that was AWESOME! So, she gave me some fabric, and my friend gave me her old sewing machine, and I went crazy. After a few years of sewing on my own, my friend at church started a beginning sewing class, and I just took off from there.

    The number one reason I love to sew now is my friendships. I have made amazing friends that love to quilt too, and I am forever grateful for them. Also, making quilts goes hand in hand with my being a mom, I make things for my family that are useful and pretty, I get to work with color and pattern, it is so fulfilling.

  20. Okay this has got to be hands down my favourite blog post of all time. An Irish joke always gets me laughing and your description of your process made my heart sing.
    I will have to cogitate on the"Why I Sew" question. It is a really good question!

  21. I have always sewn, since I was 9 years old... but it wasn't until the 80's that I got the quilting bug! I can remember feeling every time I went into a quilt shop - that the people who either worked there, or were shopping just seemed like such nice people. People, I wanted to be like. So I signed up for my first quilt lesson and have been quilting ever since. Plus, I just love to 'pet' all the lovely material in quilt shops!


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