Friday, March 23, 2012

who knew??

I absolutely loved all of your responses to my question… why sew??... and though I told you how my process works, I guess I should tell you a bit more of why I chose to start… seems reasonable, right??...

Yes, yes… I was truly looking for an escape from all things scary at 24 years old, but I had this little moment in time. Almost an irrelevant minute really, but all encompassing at the same time. Ya know what I mean… “Empowering, but with a scotch of badass involved”… Any who… it went a little like this…

I was in this super fancy pants store in Santa Cruz while on vacation… REALLY out of my league, kinda shiz. Anyways, they had this little out building full of home dec stuff like; napkins, table runners, and quilts… and I was just simply caught like a deer in the headlights. Couldn't move, world stopped spinning for a moment kinda shit, while I just stumbled and realized what was actually in front of me???.... it blew my mind. This was no JC Penny shit. This was art.

So… I say, quietly to myself, “I can make this…” and an elder family member... not only hears me, but says, “Yeah… no honey, you can’t. Do you know how hard THAT is??”… And I blinked. Blinked that pipe dream straight away. Right, yeah... I believed them. Those quilts (hell… even the napkins in that store) were very impressive to say the least. I must have been quite the silly girl to think otherwise, really. And my vacation went on… but, the seed was sewn, I won’t lie. I really... couldn't stop thinking about those quilts.

Well, I can safely tell you I was home for… possibly a week??? And I soon begged a friend of mine to borrow her sewing machine! Because, in my head… I slayed that bastard Autism… his ass was currently doing hard time in the slammer, and re-thinking his hold on my family, so it only seemed obvious I could be a master sewer too! Duh… how could anyone doubt this, even me… right???


 I can honestly say, I think I broke 5 sewing machines that first year! Pathetic and OOOooohhh… so very true! Many OOoohhh... times i thought the boy toy was going to finally say, "NO! no MORE!", but he just kept giving me an another outlet. I think he knew i needed to master this, claim it... if you will. cause, Lord knows not much those day's were in my hands... thanks only to his wisdom for that! I still laugh at how I threw myself into it though… thinking in my little head… I’ll show you, damn it!!! And I made the ugliest shit that first year too! Seriously… bwahahaha…. I feel so bad for those who had to garage sale that crap later on!!! I don’t even think I learned how to legitimately, "quilt" until I made over… roughly 700 rag quilts! No lie!! That's a whole hell of a LOT of snipping! Hehehehe….

I guess… when all is said and done, I feel good about where I am. It's only been... like, 4 years now!! I don’t need to be any one's hero, but I’m damn well proud that I can count on my, "self taught anal retentive" skills... not to embarrass myself!! :P  Although, i do get the feeling this is always going to be that hobby of mine that pushes you into another realm... constantly, needing to conquer a new skill and trying anyone's patients!  it's a bit sick, really.... that i  look forward to it, yeah??!!  ha!!  what can i say, I lOVE a good self challenge!! Right...???

i feel very excited for all my new adventures with this craft!
x, Heather


  1. Good for you for following your heart ♥

  2. I am so impressed that you stuck with it! I'm not so good at sticking with things when they get HARD.

    I'm curious, do you remember the name of the fancy pants place in Santa Cruz? I realize that's a lot to ask. But I live in Santa Cruz, so now of course I totally want to know so I can go visit it if it still exists! :D

  3. ha! YES, of course Anne!... Wisteria!! :D

  4. This is why we love you! Ole "Tell it like it is, Heather".

    That's how rug hooking hit me. I saw a show.......thought....I want to buy one of these. Handmade rugs were just sooooooo beautimus. So I inquired on price......and then I said "I can learn to make one of these". I've never looked back. I love being a hooker. I love an artform that just stops us in our tracks!

    I don't quilt. I probably won't quilt. (I'm too klutzy to be that precise!) But I lust over all things handmade. Especially the quirky! Chopping up bits of beautiful colored fabric and then sewing it all back together......just rings as a happy thing to me. :-) Keeping sewing Heather!!!!! Love what you do!

  5. Thank you for sharing your story! I too am self taught and just love this little hobby of mine...warts and all. You rock!

  6. Love those two pieced blocks..very pretty:)

    I remember hearing your story online with Pat Sloan and it made me smile. I had an ahA moment after I had my son and I was looking through someone's scraps and pieced blocks that came in a bag with other goodies from Freecycle. I thought and then immediately told my hubby,"I can do that!" He said, well then do it! So I did. That was 4 years ago:) Not looking back!!

    Kepp rockin' it out girl:)

  7. Hi sweet Heather! Loved to hear yr story, I know that *NO, YOU CAN'T*, I've been there many times, more than I'd want to admit... But eventually I overcame that insane judgement about myself, and I find it too *repairing* that I never EVER, told/will tell my kids anything like that! On the contrary, I ALWAYS encourage them to dream high and set high standards for what they dream to do. Everybody, can do what they want, everyone is capable. Easy??? not at all, but you MUST keep on working hard, there's nothing you can't do.
    Loved this enlightening post!

  8. I probably shouldn't say this with my outside voice, but I'm kinda liking the posts with all the swears...don't tell my kids I said that.

    Your story is the shiz and your attitude totally rocks - thanks for being so real!

  9. You are simply wonderful! Thank you for sharing!!! There is NO training for PASSION and baby you have it!!!!!

  10. You and I are BOTH excited about what new things we can learn! Way to go and I knew you when....

  11. Thank you for your story. I look forward to each of your new posts. they are inspiring and funny. Your quilts rock!

  12. What a great story, Heather! I'm so glad you stuck with it :)

  13. That was a beautiful post. I was always curious how you started to sew. Often times, I see modern sewists/designers/quilters as talented as yourself and assume you all have been sewing as soon as you popped out of the birth canal!

  14. Great post! My son has dyslexia (really really bad dyslexia) and I just am amazed at how he attacks things. You are both are super for just doing it!

  15. Great job sticking with it!

    And I love the sailor saying.

  16. :) I've been enjoying catching up with your bloggy stuff over the past few months! YOU are great... I love the stories you tell!


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