Thursday, March 1, 2012

the Traveling Quilts.

Johnny and I had a little idea on a spin off of a Round Robin, playing with the idea of ending on a completed quilt. Luckily, our friends thought us... not, too crazy and jumped aboard! 
 LOL Here's the basics...

The Traveling Quilts:

11 friends.
11 quilts.
12 months.
... a TRUE collaboration!

This concept will ultimately embrace a true collaborative and completed design. The requirements will only be the finished size, thus allowing the quilts their natural ability to each "grow & evolve" at each journey’s stop.

Each member will start off their quilt's journey by making a start from which the quilt can grow -- that start can be one block, a row, several blocks, or any large pieced beginning -- and then sending it off to the next quilter in the sequence.

The next person in line then builds upon what they were sent. This can be additional blocks, a border around what was sent, an additional row, building off one or more sides of what was sent, etc., that enhances the design and infuses that quilter's creativity. Each quilter will keep in mind that the end goal is a rectangular quilt, so their addition should advance the design in that direction.

The quilt is then sent to the 3rd member in the sequence. And so it continues… until the 12th month.

In the 12th month, each member will first add their addition to the quilt they received, helping it meet the finished quilts' required size and shape. Then, they will quilt and bind the quilt. Finally, they will then send the completely finished quilt back to its original starting member!

The goal here is to contribute to a process that will ultimately yield 11 unique and truly collaborative quilt designs. Your quilt might not take the journey you expected, but that's half the fun.

Throughout the process, each quilter will only show sneaky peaky’s of the quilt they are working on. None will know the exact journey of any of their quilt until its homecoming, but they will know who will be participating and they can trust that there will be much love made into each quilt. We will all then be completely surprised by the finished quilts, made by each other and with all of our friend’s fabrics.

pretty cool hugh! so, far... these are some of the starting blocks!

travelling quilts beginning

The Traveling Quilts - Constellation

The (new!) start for my traveling quilt...

The Traveling Quilts -- my beginning?

My block's fabrics for the Traveling Quilts bee

Traveling quilt blocks - maybe?

i am just swimming in curiosity to see how each quilt turns out, let alone how the remaining members are going to start their's off!!
 OOOhhh... here's mine...

traveling quilts??

I've never participated in a Round Robin before, but i totally trust my friends... so, i think it's going to have a really pimp outcome!! Any tips you can give a newbie on Round Robins... i'd love to here them!! :D

x, Heather


  1. looove yours heather. :) and the rest look super fun too!

  2. I love your start!!! Yep, we are going to make some kick ass quilts this year. Just sayin'.

  3. I have been reading about this on some of the participants blogs and think it's absolutely too cool. I cannot wait to follow the progress of this project over the next year.

  4. fabulous idea ... nearly got a round robin off the ground a couple of years ago ... takes alot of confidence in everyone! I think its a great idea ... wish I could join you ... Cheers

  5. That sounds so cool!!! It will be exciting to see how they all progress :)

  6. Niiiice! I especially love Amber's pile of blues- me Monica and Vi!

  7. Love the idea. This is going to be so fun seeing the results!

  8. Getting ready to start a Round Robin at the Guild next week. I am very confident about the quilts I make, but am very intimidated by this. Just want to stretch myself a little bit.

  9. My predictions of this being the year of paper piecing and round robins is quickly coming true! My friend Emily and I started a flickr group called {Modern}Robin where we've paired off and each person makes a center, then the pairs switch back and forth until finished (one month I work on emily's /she on mine, the next month we work on our own). :) We've swapped twice now and it's going great! I'm so excited to see where your project leads you too!

    Here are some round robin links:
    {Modern}Robin flickr group -
    Pinterest boards all about this project and other medallion style quilts -

  10. Your quilts/crafts are so fantastic! It's so nice to find other quilters all around the world!
    Hugs, Ulla (from Finland)

  11. waterbaby_3@yahoo.comMarch 2, 2012 at 8:07 AM

    Hi Heather!

    A co-worker and I are both quilters and we did a "modified" round robin a couple of years ago. We each started a quilt, and then passed it to the other person, along with one of the fabrics that we had used. The rule was that fabric had to be used in the next round. When it was passed back to the original person, any leftover from the first pass was returned, and a new fabric from the second round was sent along with it. This ensured that there was some continuation between the rounds.

    She and I have different tastes and styles, but it sure was a fun process!

    Have fun with your year-long project!

  12. What a cool idea. Never heard of anything like that before. Can't wait to see how they come along.

  13. love! <3 They all look pretty fantastic, can;t wait to see the outcome!

  14. What a great idea! I can't wait to see the gorgeousness that stems from this. Looking great so far. =)

  15. This sounds like GREAT FUN!! Just how much do you have to do each month? Would it be cheating to do a lot each month, and not so much the next?? I think my life would flow that way...

  16. It sounds like you're all going to have a lot of fun!
    I participated in a row robin a few years ago, but ours ended with a quilt top. The added rows that I got were wonderful & fun. :D


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