Thursday, March 8, 2012


i adore my friends! in fact most things i make, i end up giving to my friends or family!! if not, i'd probably be on some disturbing episode of Hoarders...
( the girls who drowned herself in her own fabric )
and the boy toy wouldn't be too pleased about THAT! LOL

with that said... i recently did a little swap with a good friend of mine and before i showed you all what i made her, i had to wait for it to arrive.
blah, blah, blah... I HATE surprises too!
 hahaha... They make me bat-shit crazy! my friends know this about me too!! i just really do need to KNOW or SHOW... jeeze... i just can't help my rotten self sometimes! LOL
 Any who... it arrived, so i feel much better now!! :P

ps... yes, i have clearly drank way too much coffee this morning and am quite ornery!

Luckily... i have pinterest around to show me my "crazy" is cool, cause it's mine! LOL  Let's keep it real... if it's been "pinned", it's truth.  :P

LOL!!! have fun today kids!!
x, Heather


  1. You are so funny! Reading your "real" posts make my day! Warm Hugs! Toni

  2. I love that you just said "bat-shit crazy" on a sewing blog! Seriously.

  3. Nice pillow and sayings we should live by all of them. I don't think I've had enough coffee today!

  4. I love all those great sayings on Pinterest!

  5. I still can't believe this gorgeous pillow now lives with me! You are so sweet to make something so fabulous for me -- it's perfect! That fussy cutting, the bold colors, the hand stitching, pieced binding... I could go on and on! Thank you, thank you!!

  6. Oh Heather, you crack me up, thank you for that!! Your pillow is gorgeous! Love it!

  7. I read a bunch of sewing/quilting blogs, but yours is definitely one of my favorites - your bright colors are exciting, and your language is fun to read. Thanks!

  8. This cushion rocks. Umm can I be your friend? ;-)

  9. Love ya girl!! Hoarders. I love that show and I don't know why. Honest;)

  10. All of your pillow making really inspires me!! I'm going on a pillow making binge soon!! my fav pinterest saying is Be yourself, everyone else is taken...perfect!

  11. I'm with you! I HATE waiting too! :-) LOVE your new pillow... so fun!


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