Tuesday, January 24, 2012

wull... hello, distractions!

my friend, Distraction, comes by every once in awhile ( uninvited of coarse ) and usually stays way too long! It's like he can sense i'm waiting on a couple things to arrive before i can finish up some projects, so he spins me around like a child, almost dizzy from all the randomness!!

Sometimes you have to let your head fall back and enjoy the ride, i guess!! LOL

like picking up an old project and playing with it again...

deciding on lot's of new hobbies and then needing to educate yourself on them...

teaching yourself how to cross stitch...

shopping for super cute fabric...

and finally, figuring out the mystery of my exercise/ weight loss dilemma ( and yes, i realize this is no Nancy Drew novel! hahaha ) turns out my lady friend also showed up for a visit! pesky drop ins!! :P

Thanks for all the helpful advice, i learned a ton and i just kept at it until i moved through that damn stall!!! :)

However, this week... i better finish something stat or i may start to get a bit pissy!! ;)

Xo, Heather


  1. gotta love distractions. :) and drat I nearly got caught looking at blogs at work when your music came on, heheh

  2. I really really sympathize you! Who invited him after all? Any tricks on how to throw him out?

  3. I am SOOOOO easily distracted! Yikes, I have the best intentions and then...well, sidetracked again.
    I do the same...think of fun things to learn and need to read "ALL about it". My mind can take off like a kite without a string...=P

    you mentiong the word "wieght"...
    Maybe you mite like to visit my blog on Saturdays...I do something called "On My Weigh"...its about motivating each other and healthy "stuff", eating, moving sometimes recipes.


  4. I feel like I'm reeling in distraction myself, lately! So many ideas, but nothing being accomplished. Good luck kickin' his butt!

  5. That Ball Book of Home Canning = YUMMY! There is a recipe in there for apples canned with Cinnamon Red Hots - not healthy, but soooooo good! Love the new fabric!


  6. So happy you figured out your dilemma with the running, you have been doing a great job and the old hag Never makes it any easier, what a COW she is :P

    Love the block :o) The crosstitch is super adorable too :o)

  7. I have been soooo distracted lately as well, it's like I have the worst form of ADD! I've been cross stitching, organizing, making a dozen different quilts and reading two books. I can't focus... AT ALL. Which means nothing gets done haha!

  8. I dunno, girl. Your distractions look a helluva lot like my accomplishments! I think you'd best warn the world before you get focused!

  9. i've just rediscovered cross-stitch myself. I love your little booklet/needle book. Did you make it? would you be willing to share either your source for the pattern, or some info about it?


  10. oops...i just found it in your "tutorials" section...thanks!


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