Friday, January 6, 2012

so... thankful!!

it's usually this time of year that we all take a good, strong look at ourselves ( and our lives ) to see what we can improve. i know my Christmas ass has been on the treadmill this past week (let's just keep it real)!! but, a good friend of my mine reminded me of another way we could improve ourselves... charities!

i love my friend for always reminding me of how thankful i am for what i have been given and how there are always people who could use a little support sometimes. i've done a lot of charity work in the past, but i have a couple plans for this year that i'm super excited about!

first is making baby quilts for Project Linus!! this is such an amazing charity that i can easily support through out the year and hopefully make a small difference in a family's life during a rough time!! :)

Laurie Wisbrun's new fabric line Modern Whimsy by Robert Kaufman is a perfect fabric line to start with ( in my opinion... hahaha ) so, i'm off! I'm hoping for at least 6 quilts that i can give this year, but i'm really wanting to give 10! cross your fingers, k!!

OOOhhhh.. and i did whoop up a couple more Civil War Diary blocks... still loving them! sigh....

i'd love to hear how you all are going to improve your already great lives!

Xo, Heather


  1. Yes, I'm very thankful for what I have. I donated two quilts to Basics
    in 2011 and hope to exceed that in 2012.
    Keep "whooping" on those blocks - so cute!

  2. Wow, 6-10 charity quilts is a very generous goal - good luck!

    Knowing I do have a great life, one of my goals is to stop stressing/whining about how long my to-do list is and just GET IT DONE! :)

  3. improving my life: less caffeine, more working out! haha

    love me some modern whimsy! go girl!

  4. What a great goal! I'm hoping to donate 10 quilts this year too!

    I am LOVING your string blocks- what great colors in that new Modern Whimsy line! too cute!

  5. Well, I'm day 4 of a no wheat lifestyle and it's going fairly well so far. We are going to go an a long family adventure trip to France hopefully in March (improve my French and wine appreciation!). Charity quilts are always at the forefront of my traditional guild. I managed 2 last year, so maybe 3 this year would be a good goal. Good luck with yours!!

  6. That is an awesome organization!!!! I donated one last year to them for 100 Quilts for Kids and am hoping to start working on some for this year too :o)

    Really beautiful fabrics and the Civil War blocks are just fabulous!!!!

  7. What a great idea!
    I just cleaned out fabrics and I'm going to donate them to my LQS. They are near an area that had severe flooding and are taking donations for everything including sewing machines, fabrics, patterns etc. I'm going to dig around and see what I can find.
    However, I do have loads of 'boy' fabrics that could easily be make into a very cute Project Linus quilt:-)
    I know you can reach your goal!!

  8. Once you start you just can't stop! My modern guild is making pillowcases as part of the Million Pillowcase drive. I signed up to so two and they somehow multiplied and I have four to turn in so far, more in the works!

  9. Sounds like you have some great plans in store! I've considered making blankets for Project Linus for years. You may have just given me the push I needed. :-)

  10. Love your fun bright blocks....and I'm thinking it's going to be a good year! Less longarm quilting and more pattern writing! Can't wait!

  11. Wow! Most civil war quilts I have seen are so drab, but I love your fabric choices!

  12. I was just wondering where, if you remember, that you found the fabric that looks like newspaper print? If you don't remember it is fine...just thought I'd it a bunch.


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